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Flannel Archer shirt
American Flannel Archer

Shutters & Shuttles Sway Dress - front
Hand-woven Sway dress

Colette Oslo Cardigan - front
Cozy Loungewear

Flannel Carolyn PJs - front
Plaid Flannel Carolyn PJs

Colette Wren dress - front
Colette Wren Dress

Grey Little Cable Knee Highs
Little Cable Knee Highs

Self-Striped Vanilla Latte Socks
Self-Striped Vanilla Latte Socks

Papercut Waver Jacket
Crazy Aztec Waver Jacket

White Graphite Sweater - front
White Graphite Sweater

Stacie Jean Jacket - front
Stacie Jean Jacket

Cone Mills Ginger Jeans - side
Cone Mills Ginger Jeans

Style 1559 denim skirt
70s Denim Skirt

Navy Lace Watson soft bra - front flat
Navy Lace Watson Soft Bra

Red cotton twill Thurlows
Red twill Thurlow shorts

Paisley print Stretch & Sew Bikini - front
Paisley Stretch & Sew Bikini

Papercut Patterns Sway dress - front
Linen Sway Dress

Handknit red socks
Basic Ribbed Socks

Striped Linen/Cotton HawthornStriped Linen Hawthorn Boylston BraPolkadot Boylston Bra

Vogue 1610 // DVFVogue 1610 Simplicity 6280Simplicity 6266

Scout TeeHandwoven Scout Tee & denim Gorts

Silk crepe Saltspring
Modified Saltspring

Silk leopard print Boylston bra

Silk Leopard print Boylston bra

OAL2015 - Vianne

McCall’s 6887 + Vianne cardigan

McCall's 6952

McCall’s 6952

Vogue 1395, hand-dyed silk

Vogue 1395

McCall's 7119

McCall’s 7119

Striped Hollyburn

Striped Hollyburn skirt

Knit tank dress

Mission/Skater mash-up

Floral Lace Marlborough Bra

Floral Lace Marlborough bra

Starwatch Watson Bra & Bikini

Starwatch Watson lingerie set

Plaid Silk V1395

Modified Vogue 1395

Brumby Skirt

Brumby Skirt

Ikat Maritime Shorts

IKat Maritime shorts

Alison Swimsuit

Alison Swimsuit

Gingers & B5526

Butterick 5526 + Ginger jeans

Watson Bikini

the Watson Bikini



Striped Cabernet Cardigan + Yellow Hollyburn

Cabernet Cardigan + Hollyburn skirt

Carolyn Pajamas

Carolyn Pajamas

McCall 6887 - Pineapple dress!

McCall’s 6887

SBCC Cabernet Cardigan

Cabernet cardigan

Denim Hollyburn skirt

Hollyburn skirt

Myrtle knit dress

Myrtle dress

Francoise Dress

Francoise dress

Ginger Jeggings

Ginger jeggins

Black and nude Marlborough Bra

Marlborough + Watson Bras


McCall’s 5803 + Ginger jeans + Jenna cardigan

Undercover Sweatshirt + Ooh La Leggings

Undercover sweatshirt

B5526 Floral
<a href=”https://lladybird.com/2015/02/04/completed-floral-butterick-5526/”Floral Butterick 5526

Leggings & Ensis Tee
Ooh La Leggings & Ensis Tee

Portside Travel Set
Portside Travel Set

Watson Bra
Watson Bra & Bikini set

Dotty Jamie Jeans
Dotty Jamie Jeans

Ginger Jeans
Ginger Jeans

Albion Toggle Jacket for Landon
Albion Toggle Jacket

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