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Christmas Wishies – 2013 Edition

16 Dec

I reckon I’m a little late to the game this year with my wishlist (honestly, I’ve been having a bit of a bummer month so I haven’t really felt much of the ~Christmas spirit~ if ya know what I mean. Not a sob story, just statin’ facts!), but better late than never! There’s sooo much good stuff out there this year that I’ve got eye on; the hunt is almost as fun for me as actually receiving something! Take a look…


Ever since Jen released the Portside Travel Set, I’ve been dying to make my own! I don’t know what the deal is, but something about having matching luggage just makes me so, so happy. I would make mine in this striped cotton twill with accents of organic cotton twill. Well, that’s a safe version – have you seen some of the awesome twills on Mood Fabrics, lately?? Check out this
crazy Art Deco print and this paisley twill.

One thing I really want to explore this next year is trying some new pattern companies! I love the indie offerings we all obsess over, with their lovely packaging and clear instructions, but I also really want to try something that’s a little less spoon-fed, just to stretch my sewing muscles. I have heard a lot about Marfy Patterns, over the years and even through some blog comment encouragement, and I’ve been casually browsing the offerings and really falling in love with some of the patterns! Check them out –

Marfy 2758, the glam coat dress.

Marfy 3015, the pintucked Redingote coat

Marfy 2240, the ruffly-collared riding coat

Aren’t they beautiful?? True, I’ve been put off by Marfy for many years (the patterns don’t include instructions, seam allowances, multi-sizes, etc), and part of me is slightly concerned that the smallest size is a little too big for me (I should be wearing a size 40 according to their size chart). But, I want to try them! 2014, let’s make it my year!

Another pattern company I’ve been lurking on lately is Stylearc. Some seriously cool, seriously fashion-forward (lolz, like I’m a fashion-forward kind of dresser. WHATEVS). They’re pretty expensive when you factor in shipping, but they reviews are pretty much raves across the board. And there are definitely some styles I don’t see anywhereeeee else. Check them out:

The Alisha Dress, a beautiful lace sheath with a matching slip pattern. Like I need more excuses to get my lace on.


The Stacie Jean Jacket. Gah, I’m dying over this one. I love denim jackets but I can neverrrr find one that fits the way I like. I altered an old one I had laying around, but the construction is subpar at best and, honestly, I want to just make one. This pattern looks fabulous.

I really love these 1940s dresses, like Simplicity 3514. I don’t even care how twee they are – I’d even go the extra mile and make it SUPER TWEE with some Marc Jacobs daisy print fabric because, yes.

I also love this jacket pattern, McCall 7319 (what is it with me and jackets lately? IT’S NOT EVEN THAT COLD HERE). I could totally see this made up in a lovely charcoal alpaca wool, lined with a plaid wool (!!!) flannel.

I was recently gifted the AubΓ©pine dress from Deer & Doe and I’ve been having a lot of fun looking through my fabric options! Wouldn’t it look lovely in this Marc Jacobs dotted cotton/silk?

Another contender is this floral cotton silk voile. A bit summery for sure, but could easily be layered up for the current season.

Wouldn’t this floral velveteen be perfect for a pair of Chataigne winter shorts? Also in my lurk: mink solid velvet. YUM.

Love this leopard stretch cotton twill, I can imagine it made into a pair of skinny stretch jeans. Just need to find me some new boots!

Soo, I reckon y’all have seen By Hand London’s newest pattern, the Georgia dress, yes? I have a copy burning a hole in my pattern cabinet, and I’m DYING to make it up, but I haven’t settled on a good fabric yet. Something glittery or brocade-y (or even sequin-y, for the masochist sewist in me) is high on my list for a fun party dress. Then I discovered this stretch buffalo plaid. Amazing! I need all the plaids, all of them.

I’m really digging this Marc Jacobs star cotton fabric. Couldn’t you see this made up in a woven skater dress?

Mood actually has this navy zigzag sweater knit in several other color combos, but the blue is my favorite. The perfect little knit wiggle dress!

I also can’t get enough of all the gorgeous special occasion fabric I have been seeing lately. Like this Carolina Herrera rose brocade

And this Italian metallic brocade

And ESPECIALLY this Oscar de la Renta polka dot silk taffeta. bleeechhhhh get in my life!

Gingham jersey? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Still obsessing over Jamie’s jewelry. I recently got this peacock necklace, but that doesn’t stop me from checking out the other goodz she has available. Love this Rooster necklace! You know I would totally turn wearing that into a neverending dirty joke πŸ˜‰

Why don’t I have one of these expanding sewing gauge doohickeys?

My current iron (a Rowenta that’s more than 6 years old) has been slowly dying over the past year – the shut offs are more frequent, and the water reservoir doesn’t hold for shit. A new pressing tool is definitely in the future, and I’ve been eyeballing this gravity feed iron for what seems like forever. Fingers crossed that Santa heard my wishies!

File this under things that I really really want but can’t afford – a coverstich machine! I know, there are other brands that are equally loved, but I’m a Babylock girl when it comes to my sergers and the like. I’ve tested this machine in the past, several years ago (yeah, I guess I’ve been lurking on this for a while!) and it’s fucking amazing. Totally deserves a spot in my sewing room.

Hey, putting this post together was really fun! Like shopping without actually spending money (or getting product, but let’s not think about that right now). I love it!

A couple more things while I have your attention!

First, I owe y’all a giveaway winner. Random number generator says….


Lauren Talley! Congratulations, Lauren! Great name πŸ˜‰ hee! Expect an email from me soon!

For everyone who inquired about the sewing prints being in Joanna’s shop… I believe they will be offered soon, but give her a couple of weeks because she’s in the process of getting married πŸ™‚ So sit tight!

Finally, can I ask a tiny favor of my local/Nashville readers? I have a friend who is doing some research for a local fabric store (and I swear, this is not a thinly disguised “friend” who’s really me, or anything like that. Promise!) and she needs a few more opinions. If you’re in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area, or come here frequently to buy fabrics, she would loooove your opinion to help her research. Click here to take survey. Again, local people only, please! I love you all but your buying habits on the other side of the country are not relevant for this particular purpose πŸ˜‰

Ok, I guess that’s it! Now let’s get back to the fun part: PRESENTS. What’s on your wishlist this year?

ChatterBlossom Giveaway!

14 Oct

Ooh I’m so jealous of whoever wins this giveaway!

Chatterblossom, run by the gorgeous Jamie, is one of my newest sponsors. Jamie upcycles antique and vintage pieces into some of the most stunning jewelry I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I’m not much of a jewelry collector – I tend to wear the same thing every day, yep, ok – but once I started clicking through her Etsy, I found myself unable to stop. It’s hard to pick a favorite when literally every single item in her shop is amazing! Once I did finally settle on a favorite (my Golden Chariot necklace. I LOVE THAT NECKLACE. I wear it nearly every single day, only taking it off if my outfit requires silver :P), it came packaged in the prettiest little gift wrap. I almost didn’t want to open it because it looked so nice! Ha ha, just kidding, you know I tore that shit open so fast I felt bad later because I forgot to take a picture!

What’s extra awesome about ChatterBlossom is that Jamie gives each piece a name and a story to go with it. So, combine all that is lovely in the shop, coupled with all the stories to be read on each listing, and you’ve got an entire evening of entertainment (not to mention a wishlist that goes on for several pages). I spent long enough clicking around, now let me show you some of my favorites!

Jamie has dozens of necklaces, rings, and earrings, all made with reclaimed vintage and antique pieces. I especially love how she finds beautiful and interesting buttons and turns them into jewelry.
roman bust
Roman Holiday

pewter necklace
My Lady Ivy

cut glass ring
Petals of the New Moon

bird necklace
Share my Song

Or perhaps you fancy a necklace made with Victorian lace?
lace necklace
Upon the Wings of Night

Or, ooh, how about some gorgeous hair accessories? That black beaded flapper headband especially, gah.
pink flowers
My Foolish Heart

flapper headband
Night Atop the Stars

If beads and lace feel too fancy for your every day needs, ChatterBlossom also makes lovely hair flowers, often with those pretty vintage buttons in the center. I love these autumnal colors!
autumn flowers
Woodland Lovers

Ready to start shopping? Hold onto your wallets for just a second because Jamie has generously offered a $25 gift certificate to her shop for one lucky reader! Yay!! To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and let me know what is your favorite item in the ChatterBlossom shop. That’s it! Just don’t get too sucked into the vortex of beautiful jewelry for too long πŸ˜‰ This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE – if you can receive mail, you can enter! I will close the comments at week from today, Monday 10/21 at 8am CST. Good luck!

If you don’t want to wait and see if you won the giveaway, I’ve also got a discount code for ya! Use the code Lladybird15 to get 15% off your entire order at ChatterBlossom (so, yes, now would be the time to stock up). This code is good for now through 10/28.

Thank you so much for letting me host this giveaway, Jamie! Guys, if you want a double dose of pretties, you can always follow her blog. Personally, I can’t stop geeking out over her hair. It’s so perfect, I can’t even.

Birthday Wishiesss

16 May

You know your birthday is just around the corner when you can see it on the 10 day forecast (which, btw, let’s not have rain on my birthday. Please?). I’ll be 28 this Tuesday, but age has not stopped me from treating my birthday like a fucking holiday. It IS a holiday! Let’s celebrate by looking at pretty things!!

Sooo at this point, I think you’d have to be living under a large rock to have not yet seen Megan Nielsen’s Breakwater Collection, but just in case you haven’t… GO LOOK. Everything is amazing, the pictures are glorious, and I NEED THOSE CULOTTES.

Thakoon Cotton
I would use this gorgeous Thakoon cotton to make them up, because yes.

I know… I’m, like, light-years behind everyone when it comes to the Archer Button-Up. I have totally been eyeballing everyone’s versions and I think I’m ready to try my hand at it too!

double face
Perhaps in a lovely double-faced blue plaid cotton?

polka dota
Classic polka dots?

green stripes
Or, ooh, how about this preppy green striped shirting? Sorry, my inner Nard-Dog is showing.

I would love to ease myself into bra-making with this Bambi Soft bra pattern from Ohhh Lulu. This would make the perfect lounging bra, and the size would be easy to customize (since I can never find anything my size in stores).

ivory silk
I think it would look lovely in this Marc Jacobs embroidered silk. The fabric is a bit expensive, but thankfully bras don’t take much yardage, so you can splurge a little :B

Crepe de Chine
… or maybe whip a few up in this gorgeous Thakoon Crepe de Chine (ohhh Thakoon, why can’t I quit u). Because what is the point of making a bra if you’re not having fun with the fabric, amirite.

I just love the new Deer and Doe patterns. I have the Bleuet (and have I made it up yet? Nope… still waiting for fabric inspiration to strike), but I’m pretty sure I also need the Belladone. I have a beautiful striped silk shantung that would look PERFECT with that back cut-out.

Speaking of patterns I already have… I’m gearing up to make a few pairs of these Ooh La La Leggings from Papercut Patterns and while I initially settled on some lovely basic solids, I’m thinking I need crazy prints now! I’ve started running (very very VERY slowly, I might add!) and I love dressing like an idiot when I exercise :B

floral jersey
Like this giant floral jersey

geometric jersey
… or maybe this crazy geometric jersey?? Ok, the latter is probably too thin for leggings-as-pants…. but, actually, we all know I’m not ashamed to show my ass. Whatever.

purple floral
This purple floral cotton is EXACTLY what I need to make up this pattern… aka my 2013 Sewulution!

I love this green ombre cotton. I don’t know what I would do with it; probably just carry it around everywhere with me and sleep with it under my pillow πŸ˜‰

More of these labels, please! I also love these, but I think they need the real word on ’em πŸ™‚

Hm, looking back at this post, it seems like all I care about this year is fabric and patterns. Oh, and a gravity feed iron, but that is gonna have to wait until my Rowenta completely dies πŸ˜‰

What are you lusting after right now? Any other May babies out there? Bonus if we are birthday twinz!

EDIT Juli has generously given us a discount code for her shop, we can all celebrate πŸ™‚ Use the code LLADYBIRDBIRTHDAY for 15% off everything in the Sweet Little Chickadee Shop – patterns, embroidery kits, or those amazing labels. Yay! Thanks, Juli πŸ˜€

Christmas Wishies

11 Dec

It would seem like the holidays are upon us once again – yay! The sewing world has been so good to me this year; there is SO MUCH WANT. My wishlist is basically exploding in the best way possible. If you follow me on Pinterest, this is probably old news (I keep an on-going wishlist for family members to have a general idea of what to buy me – and also so I can keep tabs on what I want to buy next time I have a bit of spare cash :)), but for the rest of y’all – let’s talk about AWESOME SEWING PRESENTS OMG.

I have a lot of sewing patterns on my wishlist right now – it’s like everyone is dumping their awesome out all at once. You guys. It’s like pattern heaven up in here.
Have you seen the newest Sewaholic pattern – the Cordova jacket?? I love the sleek lines with that sweet little peplum. I’m imagining this is in a really rich boucle, with contrasting lining under the peplums. LOVE.

Papercut patterns also came out with a whole slew of new pieces – and I’m dying over the Coppelia ballet top. Gorgeous! Actually, everything is drool-worthy (if you don’t believe me – click click click. GAH.). If you’re eyeballing these as hard as I have, I would like to point out that shipping is free worldwide until 12/16. AWWW YEAAAAAHH!!!

How perfect is Liesl’s party dress from Edelweiss Patterns?? As much as I love a gorgeous holiday party dress, I can totally see this made up in a pretty summery cotton gingham too.

I love Megan Neilsen’s patterns, but I’ve put off buying since most of them are that swingy/slouchy style that I’ve learned makes me look like a dumpy bag of potatoes. Wah. However, the Briar top looks like it would be so snuggly and comfy in a drapey knit.

Looking at Mood Fabric’s website right now is basically an explosion of one holy shit after another:
blue fabric
This abstract blue print looks straight out of the 60s.

red silk
I guess it’s no secret that I’m a big sucker for knits – I’ve never tried it in a silk, but after spying this red silk knit, I’m so intrigued!

knit stripes
Speaking of knits, check out this cool stripey knit – the stripes are different on both sides! So neat!

floral silk
I want to try sewing more silks this year – starting with this gorgeous floral silk chiffon (REAL TALK: I actually just ordered a swatch of this. I WANT TO BELIEVE.)

I have no idea what is going on with this wack fabric but I’m all kinds of in love with it (and, uh, I may have also ordered a swatch of that :B)

Ok, so, my current go-to mug is pretty fucking sweet, but this seamstress mug has every right to sit in my sewing room too, you know.

In the grand old tradition of stuff-I-should-have-but-I-don’t – why the HELL do I not have a subscription to Threads magazine??

Looking over this post just makes me feel giddy again. Sometimes I think wish-list shopping can be just as much fun as real-life shopping.

What do y’all have on your wishlists this year? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not – there’s always reasons to get presents, amirite?? Let’s dish!

Wishful Thinking: A Birthday Wish List

14 May

My birthday is a week from today (hands up if you’re a May Baby too!), which means I spent the better part of this morning cultivating the perfect wish list. I LOVE making wish lists, the lurking & clicking around is *almost* as fulfilling as actually buying the stuff :B In the interest of keeping my blog sewing-and-knitting-related (and not to bore any of y’all to oceans of tears), I will try to keep this relevant. “Try” being the key word here, trololol.

First stop: fabric!

red floral lace
Wine Floral Lace (Mood Fabrics)
Ever since Vogue came out with the gorgeous lacy 8766, I’ve been hunting for the perfect (and budget-friendly!) lace to make my very own version. I love that this lace isn’t terribly delicate, and at $18/yard, it’s not too painful to imagine actually buying it.

ivory bemberg rayon lining
Ivory Bemberg Rayon Lining (Mood Fabrics)
A soft ivory lining would look stunning under that red lace.

black dot eyelet
Black Polka Dot Eyelet (Mood Fabrics)
Sticking with the lace trend, I am loving pretty eyelets for summer. Close your eyes & imagine this made up with Simplicity 1803, the pink dress. And it’s only $10/yard?! HOLD ME.

teal bemberg rayon lining
Teal Bemberg Rayon Lining (Vogue Fabrics)
I’m thinking a bright teal lining would be lovely under that black eyelet.

floral jacquard cotton voileFabulous Floral Jacquard Cotton Voile (Gorgeous Fabrics)
I am just loving voile for the summer – it’s so light & breezy & feel wonderful against the skin. I loooove this floral voile with it’s pretty citrusy bright colors.

rose jersey
Night Roses Jersey (Gorgeous Fabrics)
And this rose jersey is just stunning! It totally deserves to be a long long maxi dress, something very simple to let the fabric take center stage, like the Mission Maxi from Jamie Christina.

And let’s throw some pretty cottons in there while we’re at it… I need some summery circle skirts πŸ™‚

floral fabric
Red Floral Print (Mood Fabrics)
Ouch, this one is $35/yard! It’s ok, though, my dreams don’t have to have a budget lol.

pixelated roses fabric
Rose Floral Print (Mood Fabrics)
Pixelated Roses?! GET IN MY LIFE.

cambie pattern
Cambie Dress by Sewaholic Patterns
I LOVE this pattern! In all honesty, had Tasia released this pattern a few days earlier, I absolutely would have bought it instead of Jalie 2921 (not that I regret my Jalie purchase – I love it! – I just think the Cambie dress is 100000000x cuter). Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a birthday present πŸ™‚ I think it would be prettier than ever in that floral cotton voile.

hazel pattern
Hazel Dress by Colette Patterns
From the new Spring’12 line of Colette patterns, the Hazel dress really piqued my interest. I have a pretty red/white/blue striped fabric that I think would lend itself really well to this design.

betty panties
Betty High Waist Panties by Ohhh Lulu
If you’re not familiar with Ohhh Lulu, her shop is full of the most delicious underthings that I currently cannot afford. I can afford a pretty little high-waisted panty pattern, though!

chaco liner pen
Clover Chaco Liner Style Pen from A Fashionable Stitch
I guess a marking pen is kind of a dorky thing to put on a wishlist, but I was elated when Sunni started stocking these in her shop. I can’t source these things anywhere locally, and I’ve been dying to try them out (plus, I have a refill bouncing around my sewing room… I got it from the flea market lol). Sunni is a magical mindreader person, truth.

knit sock love book
Knit.Sock.Love by Cookie A
I actually picked this book up from our local library, but one quick flip through the pages & it’s heartbreakingly obvious that I just need to pony up & buy my own copy.

paint by number
Native American Spirit Paint by Numbers
Confession: I love paint-by-numbers (and you thought the Chaco pen was dorky!). I try to find the very worst ones in the store and this one… definitely takes the cake. The bald eagle up in the corner is the best part.

Oh, and here, have some shoes:

steve madden wildness
WILDNESS Platform shoes by Steve Madden

olympia wedges
Olympia Espadrille sandal by Franco Sarto

I never claimed to have good taste when it comes to shoes.

So what do you think? Got a birthday coming up? Are you a May Baby (high five!)? Any longing for a particular product that I haven’t mentioned here? I want to hear all about it! LET’S DREAM TOGETHER, Y’ALL πŸ˜€

a christmas wishlist

8 Dec

i love making christmas wishlists – not in a “hey someone buy me this already” way (although, if you want my mailing address ::cough:: i’d be happy to accept gifts ::cough:: lol), but more of a pictorial list of things i would like to eventually buy as my funds free up. don’t pretend like you don’t do it too!

in the spirit of this blog, though, i’ll keep it sewing-related! especially since most everything i ever want is sewing-related anyway πŸ˜‰ oh, and i’m including links for everything so you can buy yourself a prezzie if you find something you fancy – i won’t tell anyone πŸ˜‰

let’s start with patterns. i need more colette patterns!
cinnamon slip
colette pattern’s cinnamon slip
have we discussed the cinnamon on this blog yet? DARLING. i recently decided that i have a sudden need for pretty loungewear – silk & flannel slips, matching flannel pajamas, cozy wool socks. no more yoga pants & ratty tshirts. the cinnamon is pretty perfect for this – it even includes how to make a cami instead of a slip.

chantilly dress
colette pattern’s chantilly dress
i love the chantilly, but the amount of fabric has always felt a little off-putting to me – i am definitely a lover of fine/expensive fabrics, but yeeesh that’s a lot to buy at once! anyway, i found this gorgeous piece of silk at the thrift store last weekend, and i think it would be perfect for this dress.

jasmine blouse
colette pattern’s jasmine blouse
i keep seeing everyone else’s versions of these popping up – i want one too!

oolong dress
colette pattern’s oolong dress
as with the jasmine, more and more of these have been appearing on my blog feed & i’m getting more and more jealous that i don’t already have one. hee.

turquiose wool coating
turquiose wool coating from mood – 2.5 yards
i recently won a giveaway on molly‘s blog, and won a wonderful coat/pants pattern (vogue 2925, if you’re curious). I WANT TO MAKE THIS COAT SO BAD. coating fabric is throwing me off, though – not even the expense, just the selection! i thought i wanted a camel-colored wool, but after looking at a bunch of camels & beiges, i’ve decided that tan is boring & i require something more like turquiose. isn’t this turquiose lovely?

bemberg lining - dark grey
dark grey bemberg rayon lining from mood – 3 yards
with coats come lining! i love this dark grey, although a brighter turquoise or teal would be equally swell.

silk shantung
turquiose silk shantung from mood – 3 yards
wrapping up my mood mini-shopping spree, here’s some turquoise silk shantung! this would be perfect for my bombshell dress (that i haven’t started yet because i stalled on fabric choices). gawd, i love turquoise.

pants for real people
pants for real people
i already have the sister book, fit for real people, but they don’t cover pants-fitting at all 😦 pants are my new favorite thing to torture myself with sewing, need to fine-tine my fit!

burdastyle sewing handbook
burdastyle sewing book
i actually almost bought this right after it released. then i remembered that it’s christmas and i’m supposed to be spending my money on other people πŸ˜‰ still want it, though! i can’t get enough of these “sewing how-to” books & i love when they include patterns.

bias tape maker
clover 1/2″ bias tape maker
well, this is pretty boring. i want a bias tape maker. i already have a 1″ but i want to make baby bias tape, because it sounds totally presh.

gingher snips
gingher 5″ snips
these would be a great addition to my gingher shears collection. 5″ snips for cutting notches & threads.

what are some things you’re hoping to get this holiday season? anything i missed here? indulge with me!

2010 christmas wishlist

2 Dec

no sewing update today! instead, let’s talk christmas and christmas prezzies!

somehow, the 2010 edition got really huge (that’s what she said lol jk). but whatever, i will likely end up buying most of this stuff for myself as an i-love-you-lauren christmas gift. or maybe you will find something that you want to buy for yourself! yay christmas!
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18 Nov

omggg i want to go pattern shopping. like, for realsies, not fake-online-pattern-shopping. there are SO MANY good patterns this season.
since i’m finally done with the expo and i have a metric ton of dresses to unload, i think it’s time to get reunited with my sewing machine (i mainly use my serger when i’m sewing jersey) and make some LT clothes πŸ˜€

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