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Purple Tiramisu
Purple Tiramisu

Velvet Thurlow Shorts
Velvet Thurlow shorts

Vintage Floral Sheath
McCall’s 5972, the Vintage Floral Sheath

Central Park Hoodie
Central Park Hoodie

Plaid Clusterfuck
The Plaid Clusterfuck

Plaid Negroni
Buffalo Plaid Negroni for Landon!

Butterick 5078
Butterick 5078

Old Man Thurlows

Chuck Sweater
Chuck Sweater

Alma blouse
Autumnal Alma Blouse

Renfrew & Thurlows
Mustard Renfrew

Thurlow Jeans
Thurlow jeans

Blagatha sweater

Thurlow Shorts
Sewaholic Thurlow shorts, v2.0

The Gazer (a Hazel/Ginger mashup)

Alma Blouse
Sewaholic Alma blouse

Advance 8295
Advance 8295

Gingham Shorts
Sewaholic Thurlow shorts

Miette Cardigan

Simplicity 3688; McCall's 4488
Simplicity 3688 & McCall’s 4488

Simplicity 1803
Simplicity 1803

Simplicity 1803, v2
Simplicity 1803, v2.0

Colette Patterns Parfait

Floral Circle Skirt
Giant Floral Circle Skirt

Colette Negroni shirt for Landon

Taffy Blouse
Colette Taffy blouse

Jalie 2921
Jalie 2921

Jalie 2921, modified

Bombshell Dress
The Bombshell Dress

Hawaiian Dress Recon
Hawaiian Sundress

Agatha Cardigan

Khaki Shorts & Green Striped Renfrew
Simplicity 5110 (shorts) & Renfrew (top)

Floral Minidress
Floral Minidress –McCall’s 2185

Shirtwaist Dress - no belt
Shirtwaist dress – simplicity 2458
Silk Shell Top
Simplicity 4400

Daisy Sundress
Simplicity 8345

Cheetah Wrap Dress
Simplicity 6268

Pastille dress
Colette pattern’s Pastille

Clover Jeans
Clover jeans, v4.0

Gingham Peony
Sleeveless Colette Peony in gingham

Stripey Renfrew Top

Colette Clovers v3.0 – heavily modified

Chevron Renfrew
Chevron Renfrew top

Coat front
1970s Fabiani coat

Violet in dotted swiss
Colette Violet Blouse v2

plaid circle skirt
Giant plaid circle skirt

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