2010 & Older

2009-2010 (and older) makes – click the link to see the full post!

vogue 1086
vogue 1086 – v1

vogue 1117
vogue 1117, michael kors “starlet dress” rip-off

vogue 7313
vogue 7313

vogue 1192
vogue 1192

vogue 1174
vogue 1174

mccall's 5971
mccall’s 5971 – v1

mccall's 5971
mccall’s 5971 – v2

vogue 8603
vogue 8603

simplicity 3673
simplicity 3673

and some stuff i’ve made that didn’t make the blog!
colette madeline bloomers
colette pattern’s madeline bloomers

simplicity 1617
simplicity 1617

amy butler sweet harmony handbag
amy butler “sweet harmony” handbag

colette parfait
colette pattern’s parfait

self-drafted stretchy rayon dress thing

forgot the pattern number!
skanky halter top

mccall's 5936
mccall’s 5936

butterick 5319
butterick 5319


One Response to “2010 & Older”

  1. vera January 23, 2019 at 4:07 am #

    You are the cutest thing! I love the fact that you are so happy in ur own skin, and don’t change for anyone!

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