18 Nov

omggg i want to go pattern shopping. like, for realsies, not fake-online-pattern-shopping. there are SO MANY good patterns this season.
since i’m finally done with the expo and i have a metric ton of dresses to unload, i think it’s time to get reunited with my sewing machine (i mainly use my serger when i’m sewing jersey) and make some LT clothes 😀

mccall’s 5859
i love the peplum on this jacket, and i love that it’s not too foofy (i have another mccall’s jacket i made… short-sleeved… with a peplum… gah i’m so diverse).

mccall’s 5815
DUDE. bow collar is awesome.
i looked up completed versions of this pattern and it is a lot more structured if you make it out of less flowy fabric (and less like something you’d find at dress barn).

butterick 5422
yeah, this jacket is ugly on the pattern, but i’m imagining it with some sweet black and white wool colorblocks (no patterned fabrics). and maybe some sequins and shoulderpads. wooo 80s!

vogue 8465
this jacket is AMAZING. i want the one that looks like a dress.

mccall’s 5759
of course, the above jacket is pretty similar to this pattern… which i already bought. how many jackets does one person need, anyway?

oh, and dressessss
vogue 8408
love this dress from vogue. i usually don’t care for vogue patterns (they’re a little too ~fashionista~ for me; i prefer basic shapes that i can make several of and not have it look like i have 8 of the same dress in 8 colors… you know?), but the irl versions of this dress are really cool. and look a lot like those jackets that i’m drooling over, except in dress form 😀

vogue 2787
this dress is AMAZING and that envelope illustration does not do it any justice. it is a remake of a 1948 vintage vogue pattern…

here is an older version of the pattern envelope. i looove the S-shaped gathering detail. this dress looks like it would be flattering on pretty much anyone. too bad vogue patterns are like $25 a pop. i don’t think normally even spend that much on fabric for a garment, tbh.

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