vogue 1227 – a little progress

22 Apr

as i stated in my last post, my birthday is a month away. well… a month minus one day, to be exact. eee birthday! time to start working on my birthday dress!!

i’m using vogue 1227 & sewing it up out of this vintage barkcloth, the lining is super lightweight cotton muslin.

not really sure how i feel about this pattern… it’s been a pain from the get-go. my first muslin was absolutely horrible – way too big. i don’t trust vogue’s “suggested” measurements, so i cut by the finished measurements. according to the pattern, i should fit nicely into a 10… which as i just said, ended up several inches too big. i checked the measurements out of curiosity, and the finished bodice was a whopping 2″ bigger than the printed ‘finished garment measurements.’ wtf, vogue!

so i recut the bodice down to a 6, and ended up taking in extra at the bodice sides. it fits pretty nicely now:
v1227 muslin
yes, my muslin looks horrible. i sewed half of it inside-out figuring i didn’t care because, well, it’s a muslin. upon trying it on, it is actually kind of cute – mystery fabric & all – so maybe i’ll make a little crop top shirt out of it IDK.

v1227 muslin
muslin back. yep, still inside-out. whatever.

soo i’m pretty satisfied with the fit, although the boob cups are a little low… not that i am opposed to letting it all hang out, but half my bra is showing. i may sew some ruffles along the top of the bodice – i was originally thinking pink, like the roses, but maybe i could just use more barkcloth? opinions?

speaking of which – this is my barkcloth:
so pretty!

i cut out all the pattern pieces, which was a personal hell all in itself. i hate cutting out my fabric – i don’t really know anyone who enjoys it, come to think of it – and this pattern calls for lining & interfacing both the lining *and* the shell fabric. so i basically cut out the damn thing 4x. argh!

v1227 pattern pieces

fusing that interfacing to all those pieces – there are 17 total, and 12 of them require interfacing both the shell & the lining – is going to be fun. not.

anyway, on a sidenote, i also did a little repairman man man man man work on a pair of pants that i destroyed last year… the waistband fabric ripped & the button tore right out. this felt almost as good as the time i was measuring my waist & my tape measure broke. LOL. anyway, i didn’t know what to do with them because there was a gigantic hole where the button had been.
here’s what i ended up doing: i cut two patches of sturdy fabric (in my case: leftover fabric from my sewing room curtains. ha!) to cover the hole and approximately 1/2″ on all four sides. i pressed the edges to the inside 1/4″ or so, and then fused a small piece of interfacing to the backs of the patches. i sandwiched them on either side of the hole & sewed around all four sides. then i stuck a jeans button in my new patch. check it out:
button front

button back

fly closed

so glad i fixed these!


2 Responses to “vogue 1227 – a little progress”

  1. sorbetsurprise April 22, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    I have to put my hand up and confess, I like cutting out! I am currently doing a project which I am also cutting things out x4 and I am starting to find it tedious. I fuse pattern pieces then cut them out as then I cut down on the cutting by one and its more accurate sometimes.


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    […] up from where i left off, still working on vogue 1227, aka my birthday dress. actually, i almost gave up on this dress […]

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