2 May

i just got a couple new pincushions in the mail & i thought i would share them with y’all 🙂

the first one was the result of a giveaway i won over at the sew weekly – a little cappuccino pincushion, courtesy of smockers!
cappucino pincushion
isn’t it adorbs??

the second pincushion was one i bought for myself… after seeing it featured on the sew weekly for another pincushion contest. it cost me over $20 with shipping, which is a lot of money to me, but i had to have it:
favorite pincushion ever
crummy picture, but it’s the fox & rose from the little prince 🙂 this is my favorite thing i’ve ever bought on etsy, like, ever ever ever. it is so beautifully made; even the package it came in was charming!:
a handmade fox bag!!
finished on the inside as well 🙂

and just to give you an idea of the size:

the seller is lifepieces, and like i said, i seriously cannot recommend them enough. sooo happy with my pincushion.

i haven’t been sewing much over the weekend because life has really been getting in the way – good things, like outdoor festivals, and bicycling, and gardening, and cookouts with friends & beer. i did make some tomato headbands:
tomato headband
they are all felt; the outside is sewn with a blanket stitch (although you can’t see it in the picture). my roommate & i are trying to get booth space at this year’s tomato art festival, which is a huuuge deal on our side of the river. so we are making tomato crafts to sell! starting with tomato headbands 🙂

more later!

One Response to “pincushions!”

  1. Colleen May 4, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    oh my goshhh I’ve had foxy in my cart since you first posted him! So cute! So jealous!

    And I hope you do get a tomato booth. The headband is cute. Want to see more!

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