help me choose a tag for my coat

17 Nov

as if i didn’t already have enough handsewing on my plate (and sewing in general, ew those christmas gifts ain’t gonna sew themselves), i decided yesterday that my coat needed a pretty embroidered tag for the inside, where i will put the tiny chain you use to hang one’s coat on a hook (speaking of which, where do you buy those things, anyway? the hardware store? the jewelry crafting aisle? i don’t think i’ve ever seen them at my fabric store). my pfaff actually has an embroidery unit – like, not those dinky little monograms you can make that are all of 1/2″ tall, but a legit hooks-onto-your-machine-and-you-buy-embroidery-cards kinda deal – but i don’t really care for machine embroidery. i like the texture of hand embroidery. so pretty!

here were the designs i found at needle’n’thread:


more under the cut!

and completed! sorry about the picture quality – it has been dark and rainy all day, and uhh also i took these at night. sorry.

i call this one ~flowers & french knots~ because… well… don’t make me spell it out.

and this one is ~satin pretzel~ because that looks like a pretzel in the middle of the L. also, i used a satin stitch to fill it in. my first!

here it is before i filled it in. the outline is just a backstitch.

some detail. DETAIL.

more detail. i am in love with how my french knots turned out! i used this tutorial from needle’n’thread (which is basically my favorite embroidery website), and it was very clear and helpful, as you can probably tell.

i couldn’t decide which tag to go with, and i obviously can’t stick them both in there… so here is a poll. please tell me which one i should sew in. i am leaning toward the flowers & french knots, but i love opinions and i’m sure y’all love clicking buttons so GO.

in other news… here is some progress on the coat:

after shaping the upper collar


yay a collar roll!

after i got the collar on, i hemmed that shit. i used this video tutorial from gertie, which was helpful with easing in the hem (since it is flared). i used a catchstitch to sew it on invisibly. it looks gorgeous. you should be jealous.

gathering the hem to fit

after steaming

pinning on the hem tape – i’m a doof and i accidentally bought fusible hem tape 😦 I HATE FUSIBLE EVERYTHING. but, whatev, it was late and everything was closed and i was determined to get this done so i pretended like it wasn’t fusible and sewed it directly on the fabric. don’t tell anyone.

catchstitching the hem

yep, invisible!

here is one last shot of the inside. lining will be going in next!

everything hemmed and ready for lining
and, of course, my sleeves are different lengths. awesome. i am gonna have to fix that tonight.

no flash

soo what’s left…
shaping the upper collar
attaching the collar
inserting the shoulder pads
hemming the jacket shell (ok i need to fix my sleeve problem but that won’t take more than 10 minutes)
– cutting out the interlining
– attaching the interlining to the lining
– assembling the lining
– inserting the lining into the jacket shell
– hemming the jacket lining
– sewing lace along the jacket hem
– sewing the belt & belt loops
– attaching the buttons

we’re getting there, anyway!

Yay, comments!

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