contemplating a new dress

18 Nov

i know i’m not anywhere near finishing my lady grey – and i’m definitely one to be completely monogamous when it comes to sewing projects – but i’m already contemplating my next sewing step.

i’ve been hanging on to v9668 for several months now, waiting on the right fabric to come along. and i think i just bought it on etsy!

the line drawing doesn’t look like much, but check out vogue’s irl version and also sewaholic’s adorable version (which, obvs, it what made me decide that mine needed to be red too)

and the fabric that i found:
medium weight cranberry wool for $9 a yard! SOLD.

i’m going to try a few new techniques with this dress – staying the neckline with silk organza and using horsehair braid along the hemline and adding a waist stay. the first technique is being covered for gertie’s crepe sew-along, which will be helpful since she is awesome at explaining things so i’m not all HUURRR and cross-eyed by the end of the post.

so yay! excited!
and it will look beautiful with my coat, of course.

in other news, butterick just released their winter line and while pretty much everything is fug and horrid, i really really really love this dress:
in the same color, plz

that is all.

2 Responses to “contemplating a new dress”

  1. Lisa November 19, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    cute. Are you going to do Gertie’s next sew-along dress? I think I will come back to it in a couple of months since December is going to be a busy busy month for me.

    • lladybird November 19, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

      i will be loosely following the sew-along techniques, just not using the same pattern (as much as i love the crepe, i can’t justify the $20 cost right now!).

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