pockets & sleeves – my coat is starting to look like a coat

15 Nov


where did i let off? oh, right, the sleeves and side seams!

i used this tutorial from gertie for setting in my sleeves… y’all, i can’t even tell you how impressed i am with the way they turned out. they eased in PERFECTLY and i barely put any effort into it! much easier than the usual double row of basting stitches. now i’m curious to know if there is a way to set sleeves in without using the fleece – like, maybe with bias tape? then i could use this method on stuff that was a lighter weight. anyway, something to think about.

i used some cheap white polar fleece for my bias strips.

here they are sewn into the armscyes. i like how they also function as mini sleeve heads. i am still going to put shoulder pads in my jacket – my shoulders are a little slopy and they help with the fit – but extra support is a-ok with me.

aaand here’s an open shot of the coat inside, after the sleeves have been attached. i catch-stitched down EVERY SINGLE SEAM. it took forever but it looks beautiful, no?

oops, i was supposed to discuss the pockets too. i didn’t take a picture of those but they turned out gorg, thanks for asking.

coat so far
i didn’t put the shoulder pads in yet so the shoulders look a little droopy. and, as always, my dressform is a bit smaller than me so sry about the coat looking like it is too big.

without flash

after i got the sleeves on, i padstitched my undercollar. which took FOREVER, btw. and i ran out of silk thread ughhh. i am not really sure what it looks like because i steamed it last night and it is still in steaming-position as of this afternoon, but here is where i left it:
i am awesome and don’t own a tailor’s ham, so i improvised by wrapping a ball of yarn in a piece of wool. white trash, y’all.

so what do i have left?
– shaping the upper collar
– attaching the collar
– inserting the shoulder pads
– hemming the jacket shell
– cutting out the interlining
– attaching the interlining to the lining
– assembling the lining
– inserting the lining into the jacket shell
– hemming the jacket lining
– sewing lace along the jacket hem (since apparently the lining doesn’t match up with the shell hem, huuuurrr)
– sewing the belt & belt loops
– attaching the buttons

not to mention eons more handsewing, with the hems and the facing and the bound buttonholes and the lining and ughhhsdlkjsl i was hoping to get done by thanksgiving but yeeah i don’t see that happening.

in other news…
my roommate and i found a stray dog wandering around by the farmer’s market yesterday:

my cat hates him:


anyone want a dog? he is super sweet and loves to cuddle!


2 Responses to “pockets & sleeves – my coat is starting to look like a coat”

  1. lauren winter November 15, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    yay!!!!!! it looks lovely so far. I miss your face!

    • lladybird November 16, 2010 at 9:07 am #

      i miss you! we need a sewing date asap ♥

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