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Vogue Patterns 2013 Winter Collection

11 Nov

Happy Monday, everyone! I just want y’all to know that I passed my kidney stone over the weekend (and yes, it’s a big deal, and yes, I know y’all were just sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for an update), so let’s celebrate! Vogue has graciously decided to gift us with a new season of patterns! Hope you made a strong cup of coffee for this one.

Vogue 8943
This is inoffensive, it just looks exactly like a lace dress they released a couple of years ago.

Vogue 8947
Galaxy dress, much?

Vogue 8952
Briar, much?

Vogue 8950
Ensis Tee, much?

Vogue 1368
Again, it’s not bad, but the styling is something else. A matching skirt and top set made in bright purple with tinsel running through it? Oook, Vogue.

Vogue 8951
What’s with the buttflap, tho?

Vogue 8944
Ok, THAT is cute.

Vogue 8949
Oooh, this too!

Vogue 8946
Someone pls explain to me why you would take a pattern with a million tucks and pleats and other interesting details, and make it up in the busiest fabric you can find.

Vogue 1372
For the Michelin man in all of us.

Vogue 1373
Don’t worry about the other arm, she can totally handle the cold.

Vogue 8960
Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize the ugliest part of the 90s was back.

Vogue 8957

Vogue 1377
This is probably the only time you will ever hear me say this, but this is least-worst Koos Van Den Akker pattern I’ve ever seen.

Vogue 8961

Vogue 1378
Just being nitpicky – I don’t think that’s a flattering length.

Vogue 8953
Still being nitpicky, but this is not a winter top?

Vogue 8955
I don’t hate this, I just hate that it is PANTS. Whyyyyyy.

Vogue 8945

Vogue 8954
lol, this is seriously one of the worst ones in this collection. Like, wtf is even going on here? That shit looks like a SPIDERWEB.

Vogue 1375
Hm, ok.

Vogue 1376
Vogue: Still trying to make the danglies happen.

Vogue 8964
I guess it wouldn’t be a proper Vogue photoshoot without a random shirtless man.

Vogue 8966
That’s it, I quit.

What I Do When I’m Not Blogging

17 Oct

Just in case you were wondering where I’ve been all week…

I was making bear costumes.

Bear costume
Of course I tried one on and took pictures. It’s a teddy bear costume. Anyone who pretends like they don’t try on the weird stuff they sew for other people is absolutely full of shit.

Bear costume

I know you are just totally jealous right now, so calm yourself.

This is Simplicity 2853. No, it’s not for me – it’s a commissioned sewing job (hence the sudden radio silence – gotta get the work done before I can play again!). I actually made three of these, all in this incredibly soft, cushy, fleecy fur. That shit was a BITCH to cut out because it loooved shedding; I think I spent more time sweeping teddy bear fur off the floor (and onto the cat) than I did anything else. At any rate, I’m 99% done – just need to finish the arm/leg hems & sew the ears on the last one. THEN IT’S PARTY TIME.

Oh! We also managed to explore the attic over the weekend!

Today we are exploring our creepy attic.
Sorry for the Instagram picture, but look at my twisty chimney! I don’t know about y’all but that is COOL AS SHIT.

Sadly, the attic was pretty much empty… although we did find this chair.
Chair we found in the attic
It has no legs (probably took them off to get it in the attic & then they disappeared over the years), but other than that it’s in pretty good shape!

Chair we found in the attic
Here’s the side. Anyone know what you’d call this style of chair? I thought it was a barrel chair, but those have arms… and this one doesn’t.

Wallpaper scrap matches the chair
The other cool thing we found up there were little scraps of wallpaper that perfectly match the chair.

Attic opening - wallpaper
One of the openings to the attic still has wallpaper in the space between the real ceiling & the dropped ceiling. I know, I know – this photo looks like a nightmare. But isn’t the wallpaper crazy? And they even wallpapered the ceiling! God, this house must’ve been tacky as shit lol.

I also finished knitting my red sweater! It’s still blocking, though, so more on that later.

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I’ll be back later with more blog posts that are actually relevant to your interests.
Bear costume
Stay cool, y’all.