lladybird: more summer 2011

25 Jul

i actually don’t have much to show here. i’ve been in a sewing frenzy/rut for the past week, alternating between feeling like i work in a sweatshop & not wanting to even go near my sewing room. part of the problem is the mess – oh god the mess. i’m the kind of person who cleans up her workspace at the end of every day… and right now, there are piles everywhere. it’s awful, but i don’t have time to clean. and i should be packing this stuff up anyway. arghhh!!

okay, i’m done complaining! promise!

anyway, here are a couple more outfits i’ve finished. do me a giant favor & ignore the mess in the background. please? i took photos indoors because the heat wave this week was so bad, i couldn’t bear to stand outside for more time than it takes to walk from my truck to my house.
nothing is 100% finished – lacking hooks & eyes or buttons mostly. i still need to put tags in all this stuff. i figured it was better to get the bulk of it done & worry about the finishing later 🙂

the sundress! it’s actually not finished… i have to hem it, add the hook & eye, and attach the straps (i plan on sewing buttonholes on the straps & buttons to the inside of the bodice back so they will be adjustable… i always have trouble with straps that are too long/short). but here’s the general gist of it!

sundress bodice
it is difficult to see in the pictures, but the bodice & midriff are piped with neon yellow piping 🙂

blue crop top & blue skirt
chambray crop top & high-waisted skirt
i had a devil of a time trying to show the true color in the pictures… it’s a faded vintage-y chambray blue. the fabric is actually slightly textured, really nice stuff.

blue skirt - waistband
the skirt has self-piping at the waistband & white topstitching

blue crop top
the crop top is lined with white cotton & the tie & bottom are trimmed with cream lace. i love the lace, although i wonder if it makes the tie too stiff
i haven’t actually *finished* the crop top yet; it still needs buttons & buttonholes in the back. i think i have some mother-of-pearl buttons that i can use.

blue skirt - back
the back of the skirt has an exposed zipper – the same cream color as the lace. the waistband is interfaced with horsehair for stability 🙂

nautical crop top & denim skirt
nautical crop top & denim skirt
this outfit looks 10x better on a live person, trust me!

nautical crop top
i love how the crop top turned out!
it’s actually a reconstruction from a (100% rayon!) horror i picked up at the thrift store last month. want to see a before? of course you do!

nautical blouse - before
lol keep in mind that it needed to be ironed – badly. changes i made:
– removed the shoulder pads
– cut the whole thing smaller for a better fit
– runched the shoulder seams
– removed the sleeves, re-cut, and re-attached as gathered cap sleeves
– cut the bottom along the bottom edge of the button placket (can you see that randumb button placket in the middle, amidst the sea of wrinkles?), attached a thick band of navy ribbing

that’s it! pretty simple, but makes a world of difference.

denim skirt
the skirt is just a simple denim high-waisted piece. i sewed the scallops along the waistband for a nautical flair. i love how stiff the denim is, it gives the skirt a great shape.

denim skirt - facing
skirt inside – the waistband is, again, interfaced with horsehair, and then faced with a pretty blue gingham. i love the red zipper. stash-busting rules!

i still need to take a picture of that romper. poor thing is just straight chillin’ on the shelf, waiting for it’s moment to shine.

i think i’m going to give myself a break & just sew 2 more tops, to mix & match with the 4 bottoms i have already made up. that will put me to 8 looks, 12 total pieces.

and now, for something completely different – a tiny cheese grater:
tiny cheese grater!
eeeee so qt

4 Responses to “lladybird: more summer 2011”

  1. Debi July 25, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    FANTASTIC outfits! Love the midriff top! So cute! And that tiny cheese grater….heheheheh

  2. lauren winter July 25, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    ahhh i want that light chambray set in my life!!

  3. Anonymous July 27, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    Glad to see you still creating some beautiful clothing! Good luck with the Summer Lovin event!

    • Anonymous July 27, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

      (you’re) -Jedidiah

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