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lladybird summer 2011: done!

28 Jul

just finished the rest of my stuff for lladybird’s summer 2011 line and i feel gooooood. like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

here is the last piece to be photo’d (not the last piece made, but i realized i forgot to take a picture!), plus a quick recap:
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lladybird: more summer 2011

25 Jul

i actually don’t have much to show here. i’ve been in a sewing frenzy/rut for the past week, alternating between feeling like i work in a sweatshop & not wanting to even go near my sewing room. part of the problem is the mess – oh god the mess. i’m the kind of person who cleans up her workspace at the end of every day… and right now, there are piles everywhere. it’s awful, but i don’t have time to clean. and i should be packing this stuff up anyway. arghhh!!

okay, i’m done complaining! promise!

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lladybird: two looks for summer 2011

13 Jul

here are two completed looks for my upcoming fashion show at local honey. actually, i have 3 looks, but the third piece is a romper that i need to make a belt for before i start snapping pictures – it looks pretty shapeless without. at any rate, two looks! yay! i am so behind & i am starting to freak out! haha!

i am really excited about these clothes, y’all. it makes the whole not-sewing-for-myself business a little more tolerable 🙂

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sewing for other people- lladybird summer 2011 sneak peek

5 Jul

i kind of treat my clothing line like it is my bastard child. i don’t mean to, really, but sometimes i feel like the amount of money/effort that i put into what i make won’t get much of a return when it’s time to sell – i mean, yeah, i know that there are people ~out there~ who will pay $150+ for a simple cotton sundress, but they ain’t shopping on my rack. LOL. hence why i spend the majority of my time supplementing my already-gigantic wardrobe. i rarely bring stuff to the shop & i’m sure they hate me at this point. I’M SORRY.

anyway, i was invited to participate in the next local honey fashion show at the end of this month. nevermind that i have to move within the next month or so (did i already mention that? i think i already mentioned that. my amazing roommate was accepted into the peace corps! she is leaving the country in september, so i gotta bust ass & find a solo apt! eek!), oh and i’m still making junk for the tomato art festival. i will find the time! i am actually using this as an opportunity to do a gigantic stash-bust.
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