living up to my name: tailoring the lady grey

26 Oct

been slowing plodding along on my lady grey! i have a tendency to rush through sewing projects, just to get them “done,” and i never really enjoy the sewing process itself. i am trying to slow down and take my time; get everything done right and learn as much as i can!

but man, it is taking forever! and yes, i am SUPER far behind haha!
and padstitching? ugh, if i’m lucky, i’ll be done by christmas.

i started by interfacing the front pieces, attaching the interfacing with an uneven permanent basting stitch.
and yes, i totally marked my lines with sharpie. sue me.

then i catch-stitched down my seam allowances.

don’t you just love catch-stitching? i think it is so cute!

taping the roll line.

catch-stitching the roll line 😀

coat front before padstitching.

here is my cat during all this. she was making the funniest little bird-purr noises.

beginning to padstitch.
this is my first foray into the tailoring realm and, ugh, although it is not difficult, it is very time-consuming. in order to the padstitch to be effective, the fabric needs to be rolled while stitching. and the stitches need to be invisible from the outside. i am not doing terribly well with the whole “invisibility” thing, but at least my stitches are tiny, the thread kind of matches, and ehh it’s the bottom of the lapel idgaf.

my roommate called me into the other room and i came back to this:

kind of hard to padstitch while a cat is making a nest in your coat front, so i called it a night.

and here are some dressform pictures:
eww i know the bottom looks so wonky… i need to press the interfacing haha

can you see a difference so far? the top lapel has a few rows of padstitching, the bottom is still nekkid.

that’s all i got for now!

ooh, and i think i figured out what i’m going to do with my masses of leftover fabric – make a making pillbox hat! hahaha is that too much? actually i don’t care, i’m gonna do it anyway.

oh, and completely unrelated but still worth mentioning:
i’m a redhead now!! 😀

2 Responses to “living up to my name: tailoring the lady grey”

  1. Alice October 26, 2010 at 1:04 pm #

    It’s shocking how much that cat looks, and apparently acts, like my cat.

    Her favorite thing to do is jump on my patterns and slide across the floor.

    • lladybird October 26, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

      oh my goodness, that is the cutest picture i’ve probably ever seen !

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