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refashioning a vintage dress

6 Dec

this isn’t really much a sewing-related update… i mean, there was sewing involved, but i did not get any pictures of the innards, or a before shot for that matter.


anyway, i got this great 40s navy wool(blend?) dress from my friend carmen of closet case vintage (and, uhm, if you are in the market for vintage goodies, def check her store out bc this girl has got some seriously good taste). the dress is lovely on it’s own, but it needed a little bit of work before i was ready to re-debut it.

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lladybird: fall/winter 2010

20 Oct

i originally started this blog to post pictures of my clothing line, lladybird (hence why the blog is ‘lladybird’ and not something clever, witty or, at the very least, involving my name somehow). lately, though, my poor clothing line has become my bastard child… much like this blog, actually. HA!

ok ok, so anyway, i made a cute new little collection and had it photographed last month by a lovely photographer, shea! this shit was legit – we even had hair and makeup done!

photos are under the cut because uhh there are a lot of them.

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new recon!

8 Dec

sorry about this little hiatus! in my defense, i haven’t sewn a thing since friday – i slipped on a puddle of water at the bar (no, i was NOT drunk!) and severely strained a bunch of muscles and built up a mess of fluid in my elbow. i just was able to retire the sling this morning, but it still hurts. having one hand sucks, man.

here is a little recon i did last week for a livejournal friend. she sent me this vintage dress and asked me to redesign it into something similar to what i’ve made before – it was a lot of fun to cut up and sew back together!

the main issues with the dress was that it was too long, too big, and she hated the necktie. we decided to remove the zipper, add in a waistband and bottom band, sleeve cuffs, and turn the neckline into a nice scoop neck.

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recently completed: reconstructions

16 Nov

reconstructions are some of my favorite things to make! i love finding really awful stuff and turning it into something that will be loved and worn. the best part is showing people a “before” photo after they start gushing and watch their double-take 😀

people ask me where i get these clothes… i don’t really have a single answer, they come from all over the place. antique stores, consignment shops, thrift stores, bargin bins (i really love the goodwill outlet; they have some of the worst picked-over stuff), donations from friends… i’ve even found a few pieces in the dumpster (don’t worry, i washed ’em!).

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