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greatest christmas present ever y/y?

17 Dec

i’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably my favorite christmas present i’ve ever received – and i’ve received a LOT of REALLY AWESOME gifts in my day. my friend ned sent it to me because he has amazing-present-buying-skills TY NED, I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU YOUR OWN TAG NOW JSYK

i have been lurking on one of these tiny/adorable toy sewing machines for years and now i have one of my own! the tiniest little tiny sewing machine, in the prettiest shade of blue and ughhhh i want to go home and sew a doll dress or something on it idek
would you guys think i was weird if i retired my pfaff and started sewing on this? it is THAT pretty.

yes, those are christmas presents in the background. whoops.

more pictures under the cut!
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