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completed: mccall’s 5936; the leopard jacket

12 Dec

this was one of those “i am going to make this but i don’t actually want to start it” projects – i dragged it out into FOREVER. i bought this fabric in… july? took my sweet time making a muslin, cutting the pieces out, making bound button holes. part of the reason why i dragged my feet so hardcore with this pattern is that i couldn’t decide how i was going to attempt construction. i wanted to fully tailor the whole thing – even bought matching silk thread & drafted a back stay – until i realized that linen doesn’t exactly lend itself well to tailoring. and my muslin was giving me the side eye so i wasn’t feel too confident about the overall fit.

those high-waisted jeans i made last week are basically what pushed me into completing this. and you know what? i ended up not doing a damn bit of tailoring on this jacket (minus the bound button holes). i basically had the whole thing pieced together & ready for slip-stitching in an afternoon. fastest jacket ever. and it feels good. it feels real good.

leopard & teal jacket
this is what i used – mccall’s 5936, which is sadly out of print (sorry!). my leopard fabric is a nice sturdy linen. and check out that lining! the woman at the fabric store talked me into it – i started to pick up the red, and she told me i wasn’t boring enough for that. that woman is totally onto me. anyway, i am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this teal bemberg lining & when said fabric store has it’s biannual 50% everything sale next month (u jealous?), i may end up just buying the entire bolt & wrapping myself in it for the rest of my life. it is that fabulous.

in retrospect, this jacket could have benefited from some light tailoring – the lapels don’t quite lay right, i may need to steam them more. my button holes are not in the right place, sadly, and i can’t do anything about it sooo i decided that i don’t care. also, i need to redo the lining slip-stitching at the waistline, because i definitely pulled it too tight so there are some odd wrinkles on the outside fabric. but i finished it! and it is a jacket and it is leopard and it has a peplum and i am about to eat the lining, seriously.

leopard jacket

leopard jacket
recognize my jeans? 🙂
as a sidenote – they have stretched quite nicely (thanks to that pure denim – i forgot what jeans were like before the introduction of stretch!) and fit beautifully. i want to wear them forever!

and closer:
leopard jacket

leopard jacket

leopard jacket
this is an unflattering picture, but i love the way the peplum looks from the side

leopard jacket

leopard jacket - lining :)
lining! 😀

leopard jacket

leopard jacket

leopard jacket - flat

leopard jacket - inside

leopard jacket - L tag
other than the lining, my favorite part is the tag 🙂 i embroidered this last year for my lady grey but decided to use something else. it is satin stitch with a back stitch outline. lovely!

leopard jacket - buttons
buttons – vintage!

leopard jacket - bound button holes
bound button holes

and just for fun – here’s how i wore it today:
leopard jacket
excuse the extra christmas tree in the background lol

so fun! i think everyone needs a leopard print jacket 🙂

also, i think i’m gonna need some red clovers next 😉

bound buttonholes and… knitting.

30 Nov

look, guys, i’m a featured member on pattern review!
i don’t actually know what that means, but it’s kinda cool nonetheless! my picture! on the front page! wheee!!

leopard & teal jacket
remember when i said i was going to make a leopard print jacket?

i decided to practice my bound buttonholes last night. here is my first attempt:
bound buttonholes

i figured that was good enough & forged ahead with putting them on the jacket front:
bound buttonholes
they are actually fairly camouflaged (hurr durr because of the print, get it?), so it wouldn’t even matter if they were imperfect. actually, i think they turned out pretty good!

bound buttonhole

bound buttonhole

ok ok, that’s enough bound buttonholes for one day!

unfortunately, my progress with the jacket comes to a stop now because i can’t decide if i want to fully tailor the thing & interface the whole front, or if i just want to do some “light tailoring” and only padstitch the back collar & put in a back stay. what would you do?
either way, i’m out of hair canvas so i have to order more. BOO!

in other news…

knitting swatch
i finished my first knitting swatch! bound off and everything! this will be a… dish cloth.

i started my first real knitting project – it’s a scrunchable scarf! the yarn is some soft alpaca i frogged from a scarf i (very poorly!)crocheted a couple of years ago. aha knitting is so thrifty! anyway, i’m really excited! my first knitted scarf!

also, i celebrated black friday by staying home and painting my living room blue.
living room
with special thanks to my patient boyfriend (who did the rolling) and all the hit songs of the 90s – i couldn’t have done it without y’all.

a nonsensical post of whatever

9 Aug

i’ll be laying low this week… the tomato art festival is saturday (this saturday… eek!) and my booth stash is quite lacking. as it stands now, i’ve been feverishly sewing tomatoes & more tomatoes with no end in sight. well, saturday, anyway. so i won’t be unveiling any new clothing this week!

however, if you’re in nashville, i highly recommend stopping by 🙂 our booth – the wicked tomato factory – will be on 11th avenue, in front of the green wagon! we will be selling tomato-themed art, jewelry, headgear, and of course tomato pincushions 🙂

so this post isn’t entirely no-sew, have a cardigan i refashioned into LT-size:
cardigan - before

cardigan - after
pretty easy revamp! i cut the sides smaller (the original shirt was an XL… i usually wear an XS or a S), shortened the hem a few inches, reattached the sleeves much shorter. i love cardigans, but the ones that fit me are usually reeeal pricey & the cheap ones are always the wrong size! so glad i can sew 🙂

i also started cutting out my fabric for the leopard print peplum jacket.
it would have started much sooner – it did start much sooner, actually, but i was having major fit issues with my muslin. i’m pretty sure the muslin still isn’t perfect but i totally gave up after the 4th one. whatever! it’s a jacket!

this kind of steamed me, though:
leopard jacket
laid out my pattern pieces


i ended up cutting the long sleeves out as well, because damn, i don’t want to waste fabric. it worked out perfectly in the end, though. well, perfectly if the sleeves are well-drafted i guess. i didn’t do a muslin of those because i thought i only bought enough fabric for short sleeves. LOL RIGHT.

i want to do some light tailoring with this jacket – bound buttonholes, padstitching the collar (but not the lapels – they are separate pieces from the jacket front so i don’t think it’s necessary) and a backstay. i have a beautiful teal bemberg rayon for the lining, and teal buttons. bring it!

i must get back to creating tomatoes. in the meantime, here is a present for you:
you’re welcome 😉