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tailoring the lady grey, v2.0

8 Nov

i recently had a bit of downtime in-between working and sew-working (and, god, i just realized i need to start christmas present makin’ asap!) and i managed to finish the padstitching on my coat 🙂

i don’t know how i feel about padstitching. i want to like it – i love hand-stitching, and i love being able to sit on the couch (not that i don’t love my beautiful sewing room!) and i love that it is quiet so i can hold a conversation while i am sewing. but the shaping that is involved with padstitching, ugh, i could do with the hand cramps and the constant peeking under the bottom to make sure my stitches are sorta-kinda-not-really-hidden-whatever-it’s-the-bottom-and-no-one-is-gonna-look-there-anyway.

but it’s done! well. the lapels are done. the collar padstitching is my next big coat project, but baby steps, y’all.

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