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Completed: The Gazer – A Ginger/Hazel Hybrid

6 Aug

Ha, remember when I said I was going to be moving soon so there wouldn’t be much sewing coming out of my end? I LIED (or rather, my new landlords lied. Dur!). Move-in date has been tentatively pushed to mid-week. The awesome part is that I thought we were going to be moving on Saturday, so I packed eeeeverything in anticipation & we didn’t move on Saturday and oh wait, that’s not awesome, this shit sucks ass.

Long story short, about a quarter of my sewing room is unpacked (oops) and I have a new dress! Yay!

So why is this dress called the Gazer? Well no shit, it’s a hybrid pattern – the top is a Hazel, the bottom is a Ginger. Hence, Gazer lolol (previous name considerations were Gazel & Hinger). Also, if you look at this dress too long you WILL get dizzy so the name could very well be a cautionary tale, if you will.

Anyway, I received this pattern as a birthday gift from reader Tracy. I actually tried to make it up a couple of months ago, but the fabric I chose was super tragic & the result was one of those wadders that lived in the corner of my sewing room until I threw it away, ahem, a couple of days ago when I was packing. Haha! I’ve come to the conclusion that gathered skirts just don’t suit my shape whatsoever. I knew that I wanted to do something with this pattern, though, so I stewed for a few weeks on what to do about the skirt. I had a lot of gingham left over from my Thurlow shorts (seriously, like 2+ yards! The fuck!?)… and then an idea was born.

First, I had to drag out my cardboard cutting mat (what? Doesn’t everyone have two cutting mats?) and somehow clear floor space for all that cutting:
Soooo I packed my whole house... And we're not moving until at least Wednesday. Living room floor is now my new cutting table, ew
My back is STILL angry at me, by the way!

I cut the bodice pieces for the Hazel and the skirt (minus the waistband) is the Ginger, version 3. Due to the gingham being sheer, everything is underlined with white cotton batiste.

I was initially unsure whether the multiple check directions were going to result in a Hot Mess, but I think this turned out pretty cute!



Not to toot my own horn here (I’m totally tootin’ my own horn), but this shit ain’t half-bad.

I do think this pattern is pretty flattering!

The original version actually had pockets… but I must have placed them too low, or else they were fighting with the bias… either way, they kept making these weird lumps around my hips & the openings kept bagging out, so I just ripped them out & called it a day. I’m not really a pocket-person, anyway – I never put anything in them haha. So they won’t really be missed!

Psst – the white bow isn’t part of the dress, it’s just part of my massive belt collection.

I do love the way the skirt looks, but I don’t think I like wearing bias garments. They just feel weird to me.

Oh, here’s how it looks without the belt – I wasn’t able to get the checks to match up at the waist 😥 Mostly because I didn’t take that into account when cutting. OOPS. I mean, it’s close enough I suppose – but also just off enough so that it bothers me.

As mentioned before, my cutting table is down for the count (it’s currently holding a lot of boxes!), so have some flat shots on my quilt. Before anyone asks – I did not make the quilt, but my great-Grandmother did 🙂
Gazer - front
The center front at the waistline totally looks like a vortex, fyi.

Gazer - back

Gazer - Insidessss

I guess that’s it! I hope they let us move this week haha. All these boxes are driving me crazy!