bound buttonholes, revisited

21 Jun

time for a new sewing project!
simplicity 3061, in a soft/lightweight navy linen with a contrasting white linen collar.
i was going to make view 1 with the sleeves, but i followed the wrong pattern layout and now i don’t have enough linen for sleeves… oh well! sleeveless it is!

this post is actually kind of boring because i haven’t had a chance to make much real progress on the dress, save for cutting. fortunately, the muslin fit pretty well (with a few minor tweaks that can be adjusted while sewing up the actual garment) so that’s a win! man, i love me a good sewing pattern that fits straight out the envelope.

anyway, the pattern here calls for bound buttonholes… i haven’t made a bound buttonhole since making the lady grey so i thought i would exercise my sewing brain & try a different tutorial this time ’round, tasia’s method. i think i actually like this method better, the results are more consistent – even the “bad” ones are just kinda “meh,” rather than “oh god that is a shitty buttonhole.” here are my two test runs thus far:

bound buttonholes

bound buttonholes

bound buttonholes

sorry about the pictures; this fabric photos like fail.

i’m trying to decide how many buttonholes to put in the actual garment. the instructions call for two at the right front, but as you can see on the envelope – there are 4 buttons. two of them are just sewn straight on without buttonholes. i’m not really a fan of ~faux~ buttons without a buttonhole behind them… even if the buttonhole isn’t actually functional, i just don’t think it’s very aesthetically pleasing. not to mention, i’m already putting all this effort into perfecting my bound buttonholes into something gorgeous and i think the buttons on the non-button side are going to look pretty effin’ stupid if they don’t have a pretty bound buttonhole behind them. so actually, i’m pretty sure i’ll make 4 buttonholes. i really don’t know what i’m babbling about.

also, i keep typing “butthole” instead of “buttonhole” WTF.

One Response to “bound buttonholes, revisited”

  1. Carey ~ Gypsy Thread June 21, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    I’m with you on at least creating faux button holes for the other two buttons. Unless you’re using unusually large buttons that cover the holes completely you’d absolutely be able to see the difference. Good call.

    Oh – and I love random train of thought (babbling) blog posts. Much more fun to read and relate to than overly staged posts. IMO. 😀

    butthole. hehe

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