patterns: spring 2011

13 Jan

i’ve lost my sewing mojo. i can’t bring myself to bother – partially because i prefer to sew in my underwear (makes fitting easier), and my sewing room is freeeeezing. and our gas bill was over $300 this month! double bummer!

anyway, i’m already dreaming of my spring wardrobe – nice, because i’ve barely made a dent in my winter wardrobe EL OH EFFING EL – so wasn’t it nice of vouge & simplicity & mccalls (but not butterick, shame on you!) to release their spring 2011 lines?

at least they don’t suck as bad at the winter patterns did. i mean, honestly now.

vogue 1218, donna karen
this is pretty, i mean, based on what they are offering this time round.

vogue 1219, donna karen
i looove this one. i probably wouldn’t make it because it looks a touch unflattering (although that may just be the piece/model – looks kind of big on her) & holy hell lots of fabric! but i love it. it would be especially pretty in a nice seersucker.

vogue 1221, DKNY
one again, kind of unflattering, but i think a more fitted version would be beauts.

vogue 1222, anne klein
i love this one, but probably because i have a simplicity project runway clone pattern of it.

vogue 1223, anne klein
DO WANT. same fabric, same dress, UNF.

look at the line drawing:
once again: DO WANT.

vogue 1233, pamella roland.
who is pamella roland and why does she spell her name like an ass?
anyway, this dress is gorg. i might actually buy & make this.


vogue 1227, rebecca taylor
i don’t think this would be flattering on me AT ALL, esp with those boobie holders, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun to make!

simplicity had one good pattern to offer:
simplicity 2248
i hate project runway patterns… they are poorly drafted and always call for way too much fabric, but this one is cute. i couldn’t snag a good picture, have a line drawing:
love that criss-cross bodice!

and now for the (small)chapter of wtf…

vogue 8705
vogue. what the hell? you can’t even blame this one on a designer, not even elvira.

mcccall’s 6278
mccall’s. WHAT THE HELL. you know what this reminds me of? felicity’s birthday dress. except worse, somehow.

while we are talking about my spring wardrobe, i discovered this dress on etsy:
it’s barely 2″ too small for me! WAAAAHHH!!

more etsy searching produced this pattern:
simplicity 9164

so i’ll make my own!!

and i love this galaxy dress knockoff:
vogue 8280

One Response to “patterns: spring 2011”

  1. cassandra October 15, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    My grandmother just gave me that same simplicity 9164! Its awesome! I can’t wait to start it!

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