drooling over vintage party dresses

23 Dec

i really don’t know why i put myself through this, but i just discovered couture allure vintage and i have spent the better part of an hour dying over the gorgeous dresses for sale/sold.

too bad for me her stuff is 1. expensive (within reason, but outside my budget!); 2. mostly too big for me (wtf @ all these 38″ busts); and 3. just complicated enough to be unobtainable for my own hands to recreate.

whatever, they are still gorg!

vintage dress pr0n under the cut.

60s metallic gold paisley evening gown
i might be mostly drawn to this one because it reminds me of my 60s gold glitter maxi dress, but OMG. OMG OMG OMG.

60s beaded silk evening dress & opera coat with mink trim
not to sound like a total weenie or anything, but this one actually made me cry a little. silk! beading! [vintage]mink! a matching coat!
unconvinced? look at the coat:
i cried, partially because it had already sold, and partially because it wouldn’t fit me anyway. ughhh.

60s green/gold brocade dress & coat with mink fur trim
already sold, but still amazing. love brocade and fur. it comes with a matching shift dress.
i really need to get on making a dress with matching coat, clearly. i love the fabric covered beads with the satin loops. so classic.

60s gold brocade evening dress & opera coat
love the beading and sequins! and again: COAT.

60s white silk evening/wedding gown
i would marry the next person who i lay eyes on if it meant that i would get to wear this during the ceremony.

50s fred perlberg cream satin strapless party dress
i mostly like this one because it reminds me of lorraine’s pink dress in back to the future. gorgeous!

50s emerald satin party dress
the color is very joan, but the style is all betty.

60s pop art floral silk patio evening dress
why did i not realize until just now exactly how much i need a hostess gown?
this gown makes me want to cry, too. mostly because i would buy it in a heartbeat ($135? pfft!) but it’s at least 2 sizes too big. WAAAAHHH. the bright side is that out of all the dresses posted, this one would be the most easy to replicate (and i probably shouldn’t be trusted with silk, anyway).

90s lou lattimore italian sequined wiggle dress


60s navy chiffon beaded illusion evening gown
at first glance, i thought the bust detailing was feathers. i was wrong:
with chiffon? sign me up, please!

related, but not related to the site linked:
i don’t even remember where i found this picture (and lol forever at her hair), but i am loving the style of this full-skirted strapped dress with the lace overlay shirt. must make one asap.

i could go on and on about the dresses on the site, and how i want every single one of them (which is lovely, considering i never have any place/occasion to wear an evening dress so why do i keep buying them?), but i’m just going to make myself sad.
indulge with me, internets.

and while we’re on the subject of vintage clothes we don’t need, i highly suggest popping over to closet case vintage and checking out the 2011 lookbook & entering the giveaway – $200 in closet case vintage fancies! i was going to go through the lookbook and highlight my favorite stuff, but it ended up being literally every single thing posted, so do yourself a favor and just check out the entire post. and then enter! and then share you spoils with me.

merry christmas!


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