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i officially hate vogue sewing patterns

29 Sep

vogue released their winter line of sewing patterns today – pretty early, if you ask me, since most of us are just dipping our toes into fall weather clothes (it was 100* here in nashville last week!). normally, i loove vogue sewing patterns. i love the extra touches that are included to make your finished garment more “handmade” than “homemade,” like french seams and foundation corsets and fun things like that. i love that they make patterns based of major designer’s looks so you can rip them off and save yourself $1000 in the process. i love the smug satisfaction i get from sewing an ~advanced~ vogue pattern because it makes me feel smart and knowledgeable.


i hope you are not eating when you proceed.

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completed: vogue 7313

22 Sep

haha you guys… i actually finished this *almost* a year ago. why didn’t i post it? BECAUSE THIS PATTERN IS SERIOUSLY FLAWED, THAT’S WHY.


vogue 7313, circa 1988
i *love* how dramatic this pattern is. eventually, i would like to try the full skirt with the suspenders (too much? oh well). the pants i could live without, but clearly the previous owner was all about them. i bought this pattern at my favorite secret thrift store for 25ยข are you jealous

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completed: mccall’s 5971 in red

20 Sep

i already made up this pattern in navy wool crepe. this is a super cute dress that i think i deserve two of, y/y?

so i made a red one!

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completed: vogue 1192

14 Sep

well that’s done and completed now. i actually started this pattern over a month ago, got frustrated when it was 3/4 done and threw it in a drawer to stew and think about how bad it had been. i’m still not happy with the outcome, but i am happy with the fact that it is finally finished and i don’t have to look at it anymore.
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