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another rooibos – v2.0

29 Aug

well, big moving day is this week – september 1st, which is this thursday! everything is all packed up, which is why i’ve been nonexistent as of late. no worries, though, i left my two current projects unpacked… so here’s a rooibos for y’all’s troubles!

i loved my first version so much, i decided to follow the rooibox sewalong on the colette blog for v2.0! well, “follow” is loosely defined – it was kind of half-ass. but it’s done! and – bonus! – my first garment for my fall 2011 wardrobe 🙂

i used very lightweight/fine wale corduroy – you can’t even tell that it is corduroy in these pictures, but i promise it is! the facing & pocket piping are sewn up with soft red plaid – from the ~plaiditude~ line at joann’s. i’ll be honest with you, i mostly bought this plaid because the name was so awful. haha! i was apprehensive because it is very thick & soft – almost like flannel – and i was afraid it would be too bulky with the corduroy. fortunately, the corduroy is very lightweight, so this fabric works as a facing. and it is sooo soft – the pockets are especially luxurious!

i kept the bodice at a size 4, but cut the waistband & skirt down to a 2, since it was a little loose the last go-around. should i make this dress again (and i probably will! i love this dress!) i will cut it down to a 0 – the 2 was still a little big! i took in as much as i could but i do feel like it’s a little loose. the belt helps a lot.

other than that, pretty straight-forward! too bad i can’t even wear it right now since it’s NINETY FREAKING FIVE DEGREES outside. oh, nashville. never change.

red rooibos
it looks awful with my harlot-red hair, i know, but i’m pretty sure i’m going back to brown within the next month or so. don’t judge me!

my only issue with this fabric is that i can’t get the darts points to lie flat, no matter how many times i resewed them. they are almost completely flat irl, but the nap of the fabric highlights the point and, well… i look cold. oops. and it wrinkles pretty bad – i even ironed it before taking these pictures. oh well.

red rooibos

red rooibos

red rooibos back

red rooibos - bodice

red rooibos - belt
i made the belt with lightweight belt backing & an old wooden buckle i found ages ago at the flea market.

red rooibos - collar

red rooibos - facing
facings are trimmed with red bias binding – the very last of my stash!

red rooibos - pocket
i love how the pockets turned out :3

love this dress so much! if you haven’t hollered at the rooibos yet, definitely give the pattern a chance – it’s a great shape/style & it’s sooo easy to make up!

red rooibos


a nonsensical post of whatever

9 Aug

i’ll be laying low this week… the tomato art festival is saturday (this saturday… eek!) and my booth stash is quite lacking. as it stands now, i’ve been feverishly sewing tomatoes & more tomatoes with no end in sight. well, saturday, anyway. so i won’t be unveiling any new clothing this week!

however, if you’re in nashville, i highly recommend stopping by 🙂 our booth – the wicked tomato factory – will be on 11th avenue, in front of the green wagon! we will be selling tomato-themed art, jewelry, headgear, and of course tomato pincushions 🙂

so this post isn’t entirely no-sew, have a cardigan i refashioned into LT-size:
cardigan - before

cardigan - after
pretty easy revamp! i cut the sides smaller (the original shirt was an XL… i usually wear an XS or a S), shortened the hem a few inches, reattached the sleeves much shorter. i love cardigans, but the ones that fit me are usually reeeal pricey & the cheap ones are always the wrong size! so glad i can sew 🙂

i also started cutting out my fabric for the leopard print peplum jacket.
it would have started much sooner – it did start much sooner, actually, but i was having major fit issues with my muslin. i’m pretty sure the muslin still isn’t perfect but i totally gave up after the 4th one. whatever! it’s a jacket!

this kind of steamed me, though:
leopard jacket
laid out my pattern pieces


i ended up cutting the long sleeves out as well, because damn, i don’t want to waste fabric. it worked out perfectly in the end, though. well, perfectly if the sleeves are well-drafted i guess. i didn’t do a muslin of those because i thought i only bought enough fabric for short sleeves. LOL RIGHT.

i want to do some light tailoring with this jacket – bound buttonholes, padstitching the collar (but not the lapels – they are separate pieces from the jacket front so i don’t think it’s necessary) and a backstay. i have a beautiful teal bemberg rayon for the lining, and teal buttons. bring it!

i must get back to creating tomatoes. in the meantime, here is a present for you:
you’re welcome 😉

birthday dress, revisited

5 Aug

over at oona’s corner of the blogworld, we are having a party-dress-party. please! i will take and and every excuse to pull out my fancy party duds & parade around the room!

my contribution: my birthday dress, of course!
what did you think i was gonna wear? 😉

dress front
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completed: colette sorbetto, v2.0

3 Aug

sooo i tried another sorbetto over the weekend. after my disastuh of a first version, the second version is kind of “meh” so i really don’t think this pattern works for me. which makes me sad – everyone else’s sorbettos are goooorgeous.

my version fits me weird – i don’t think i have the body shape for it – and maybe i just got too excited about the promise of a 1 hour/2 piece pattern because the construction is shoddy as hell. i’m not going to show you that. i’ll show you pictures of it on me, though.

first, look at the fabric i used:
sorbetto fabric
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completed: colette patterns rooibos

2 Aug

can you believe that i actually started this dress a little over a month ago? i got halfway through the construction – completed the bodice, basically – and then sadly put it aside to work on lladybird duds. i was so excited to finish it, i went straight home after the big event & had it completed in time to wear it that night! yay!
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