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vogue 1227 v2.0

23 May

i managed to get some pictures of the birthday dress over the weekend! here’s to hoping this is my final post on vogue 1227 🙂

but first, a jesus cake:
jesus cake
jesus didn’t end up coming by for his cake/party! bummer! hahah!!

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vogue 1227: complete! (FINALLY)

16 May

it is with great pleasure that i present to you the completed vogue 1227.

ok, i’m pushing a little – it’s not complete complete: i still have to sew on a hook & eye. and it’s been ugly & grey and COLD this week, so the only pictures i have to share involve a dressform. but it’s ready enough, and i can’t wait to debut her on saturday 🙂

if you are just dropping in for the first time, you can link to this post to experience some of the drama this stupid dress involved. otherwise, keep reading!

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vogue 1227: the bodice from hell

5 May

picking up from where i left off, still working on vogue 1227, aka my birthday dress. actually, i almost gave up on this dress completely… and in all honesty, we’re still not out of the woods on that one. but i carry on, mostly because i’d feel really bad wasting this barkcloth. ughhh.

this pattern: hardest pattern i’ve ever sewn. not because it is complicated, but there are SO.MANY.ALTERATIONS. and i am not normally one with a difficult body to fit – a FBA, sometimes i reduce the shoulders, and i usually end up reducing the waist. i’m pretty sure i’ve redrafted this entire pattern at this point. ridiculous! after i was done with my redrafting, none of the pieces matched up at the top. this is not an error on my part – i only adjusted the sides, not the top of the pattern pieces. of course, this was after i already cut out + interfaced 30+ pieces, so now i’ve just been piecing bands to add to the tops to make everything match.

oh, and the whole thing cuts so low, i can’t wear a bra with it. that may or may not have been the pattern’s intention, but i like wearing bras. so i had to add ruffles to the tops of the boobie cups.

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2 May

i just got a couple new pincushions in the mail & i thought i would share them with y’all 🙂

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