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vogue 1227 – a little progress

22 Apr

as i stated in my last post, my birthday is a month away. well… a month minus one day, to be exact. eee birthday! time to start working on my birthday dress!!

i’m using vogue 1227 & sewing it up out of this vintage barkcloth, the lining is super lightweight cotton muslin.

not really sure how i feel about this pattern… it’s been a pain from the get-go. my first muslin was absolutely horrible – way too big. i don’t trust vogue’s “suggested” measurements, so i cut by the finished measurements. according to the pattern, i should fit nicely into a 10… which as i just said, ended up several inches too big. i checked the measurements out of curiosity, and the finished bodice was a whopping 2″ bigger than the printed ‘finished garment measurements.’ wtf, vogue!

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new(old) sewing patterns!

18 Apr

my birthday isn’t for another month (::ahem::) but my roommate/best friend/life partner, morgan, already gave me my gift because she is awesome 🙂 – she went to an estate sale & bought me a big ol’ stack of vintage sewing patterns! yay sewing patterns!!

please come bask in their glory with me.
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completed: simplicity 2412

15 Apr

this is an old UFO (err… ~unfinished object~, to all you non-sewers) that i’ve been sitting on for about 2 months now. it was nearly finished – all that was left was to stitch down the neckline binding & hem the skirt. instead, i let it hang in the corner of shame in my sewing room because i was irritated with how it looked on me. i am still kind of angsty about the way it looks, but whatever, it’s done & i can move on to greener pastures.

pattern in question:
simplicity 2412

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my dressform, dolly

14 Apr

technically, this is still a work-in-progress, but i am too excited to wait! must share this now!

i have a dressform – she is a dritz mydouble and, eh, i’m really just not impressed with her. “adjustable” means that if you expand one part of the form, the rest will also expand. “rich plum color” means she clashes with EVERYTHING. and that “foam-backed nylon cover” for “easy pinning”? more like hard plastic that you can’t stick anything in. i mostly just use the form for hanging WIPs – it’s not really suitable for anything else, due to it’s limitations.

i’ve been thinking about buying a nice form, either a fabulous fit or a wolf (oooh so dreamy), but they’re both way the eff out of my budget and i’m impatient/saving up for something else. instead, i hit compromise & bought myself a fabulous fit fitting system – they’re on sale right now @ amazon for $69, so yay!

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pants? possibly.

4 Apr

my favorite fabric store, textile fabrics has the greatest sales. my personal favorite is when they slash the entire store’s worth of fabric 40%-50% off 2x a year (in january & july, naturally). my second favorite is when they pull all their OOP patterns – for every $10 you spend, you get to choose a free pattern. i don’t know about y’all, but i can always find an excuse to buy shit at the fabric store, so i trekked west of the river with miss lauren winter & we picked ourselves out some goodies. i’m not going to bother with the stuff i bought – it’s pretty boring, albeit necessary, sewing notions like machine needles & white thread & *yawn* is anyone still listening? but check out the patterns i snapped up when they finally allowed me in the back room

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completed: colette’s ceylon dress

1 Apr

yay another one done!!

ceylon & fabric
ceylon by colette patterns

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