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lladybird spring 2011

31 Mar

i had big plans for my ~spring launch~, but unfortunately, life got in the way (and when i say “life” i mean “my bad attitude”). you ever have one of those days when you feel like everything that could possibly go wrong has, well, gone wrong? that’s been pretty much my entire month, all focused on my sewing. i can’t even begin to tell y’all how much i’ve trashed and/or given up on. i have an entire box of UFOs that will probably remain like that forever.

not that all my sewing has been tragic – my projects for my personal wardrobe are looking AWESOME if i do say so myself. despite all the inspiration i’ve given myself and the good intentions i had for this line, the end result is not exactly what i had in mind (at least not quantity-wise). but that’s ok! i’m not beating myself up over it – i’ve got the rest of the year to cultivate something marvelous. in the meantime, i’ve squeezed out 7 pieces. haha, 7, so sad.

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new look patterns are wtf

28 Mar

i’m in the process of making a dress for my sister. she wanted something simple – a white dress with a halter neckline that hit a little below the knee. we went to the fabric store & she picked out new look 6457, view D. the fabric is a linen-look polyester something from joann’s. pretty simple stuff.

new look 6457
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ceylon progress

23 Mar

i’ve been lurking the ceylon pattern for months now… finally gave in a couple weeks ago and bought a copy. i initially planned on making it up in some navy polka dot voile or lawn, but searching has turned to be fruitless so i settled on blue pin dot shirting fabric from (you just wait… my first choice will suddenly be fruitful and multiply. gah.). i’ve already made a bit of progress on the dress so i thought i would share with y’all!

first off, i will point out that i didn’t bother to make a muslin and just started cutting directly into the fabric. i like to live dangerously sometimes.
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lladybird for spring 2011: a sneak peek

11 Mar

life got majorly busy and i haven’t been sewing much as of lately. and by “sewing,” i mean “sewing for myself” – i’ve been working up a frenzy in preparation for nashville fashion week. not because i have anything to do with *that* event, but local honey is throwing their annual spring premier the same weekend. so yay, spring clothes!!

i’ve been working on some new designs & some new color scenes… playing around with more details this time around, especially ruffles & pintucking & bias stripes. i’m still working the colorblocks… i tried to pull away from it, but i can’t help it, i love colorblocking too much! there are a few “classic” lladybird dresses in the mix, but i’ll also be introducing some half-circle skirts dresses. fun!

here is a sneak peek at what i’ve been cooking up:
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vogue 9668: a labor of love

1 Mar

i am calling this dress a labor of love because i don’t think i’ve ever put so much time & patience into a casual sundress. what started out as a simple v2.0 pattern turned into an episode of how-difficult-can-i-make-this-project. i am, however, extremely happy with the end result!

so here’s where we left off:

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