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vogue 9668 v2.0 – progress

22 Feb

i’ve been working on my second v9668, aka the summer version. what should have been a fairly straight-forward project (i mean, i JUST finished the first one pretty recently, so the construction is very fresh in my mind) has turned into a huge headache and a lot of wow-i-sure-made-this-as-difficult-as-possible-huh.

this is the fabric i’m using.
it’s a lovely stretch cotton with a touch of sateen. GORGEOUS.

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completed: vogue 1086 v2.0

15 Feb

i love this dress so much, i now have two of them!!

here’s a fabric refresher, in case you forgot!

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mini-tutorial: bound seams

9 Feb

i just love bound seams – i think they are so pretty and neat and add a really nice touch to an otherwise simple garment.

i am currently slogging away at simplicity 2412 and, god, has this pattern been a lesson in patience. from the initial tracing, to decoding all the weird pinholes and perforations (verdict: unprinted patterns really aren’t that scary, but i wouldn’t recommend them to a total beginner), to the multiple pattern adjustments (taking 9″ off the bottom and the dang thing is STILL too long! and omggg so much unnecessary ease!)… at least the actual construction is going together fairly smoothly!

i decided to bind my seams for a few reasons:
– this dress is seersucker. who wants to line a seersucker anything? talk about defeating the purpose!
– out of all the garments i’ll be working on this spring, this one has very few seams and they are all straight – perfect for this kind of finish
– i have the most gorgeous lipstick red rayon seam binding. GORGEOUS. it was crying to be used!

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western wear for 2011

3 Feb

here is a sewing resolution i’ve had stored in the back of my mind for the last month or so: i want to make a western shirt. not just a “western shirt,” but a legit/gorgeous western shirt with the contrasting yoke outlined in piping, the (hand!)embroidery, the pearl snaps, and the welt pockets with little hand-sewn arrowheads. partially because a “real” western shirt is expensive (and they never seem to fit me properly 😦 ) and partially because they just look like so much fun to make!

i found this pattern today, and after about 20 minutes of deliberating (it was $15! i love how i will spend 5x that on fabric but not on a pattern), i snapped it up:
isn’t it perfect? look at those welt pockets! and that piped, scalloped yoke – with guitar embroidery transfers! it’s a smidge on the small side – my high bust is 34″ – but should be easy to grade up, plus i have to do a FBA anyway.

even the suggested materials & notions look fun: pattern back.
mine will probably end up similar to view A, minus the fringe (or should i keep the fringe? decisions, decisions!). i love the white + red, although maybe white isn’t the best idea for someone messy/careless like me. i want real pearl snaps instead of buttons. where can i buy pearl snaps?

i know, i know… i need another vintage pattern like i need another hole in my head.
don’t judge me.

the importance of pressing

1 Feb

there are two types of sewers: those who press, and those who don’t.

i must confess, in my early days of garment sewing, i fell squarely into the latter. why would i want to press anything? i hated ironing and i didn’t see a point in spending nearly half my precious sewing time smooshing a bunch of seams that were on the inside of a garment, aka, no one was going to see them anyway.

sadly, i can’t pinpoint the exact moment that i had my “A-HA, PRESSING!” revelation, but suffice to say i have turned a complete 180 as far as my iron is concerned. i am a pressing fiend, y’all. i have developed a love affair with my iron and my finished projects have never looked better. properly pressing really is the key to having a gorgeous handmade garment – as opposed to “homeade” (and probably sewn up with quilter’s cotton, yeeech).

(image borrowed from :3)

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