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my sewing room

24 Jan

y’all, i am a total, shameless lurker. show me a blog/website/picture album that allows me to peek into someone’s home and i will sit there for hours and investigate every nook and cranny. in that same note, i absolutely love sharing pictures of *my* home, for all the other lurkers on the internets. i spend a lot of time decorating – and redecorating, and redecorating – my house, especially my sewing room. i loving having a beautiful and clean room to keep all my sewing goodies in. it’s so inspiring!

i did a little reorganizing over the weekend and took a few pictures to share 🙂 sorry these aren’t the best – i took them at night, so i had to use the flash. y’all wouldn’t want to see out the windows in daylight, anyway. it’s so gross and wet and cold and there are straggly patches of snow hovering in the shadows. GROSS.

lots of pictures after the jump!
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completed: vogue 9668 – the cranberry wool dress

19 Jan

i’m done with the cranberry wool dress! i would like to declare this dress responsible for both killing and reviving my sewing mojo. as i stated before, i am really really pleased with how this dress turned out. so pleased, in fact, that i already bought fabric to make a spring/summer verison 🙂


review, pictures & the fabric in question after the jump!

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sewing for spring 2011

18 Jan

it’s not spring yet here in nashville – quite the opposite, actually 😦 cold enough to make our gas bill $350 but i digress – but the spring fever bug has really hit me hard over the past couple weeks.

and then my favorite favorite fabric store, textile fabrics, decided to have a huge 40%-off-everything sale for the entire month of january.

and then i magically got my sewing mojo back!

yay sewing mojo!

want to see my fabric spoils & pattern choices? clicky clicky!
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completed: the lady grey!

17 Jan

well, it’s done and ready to wear! i actually finished this coat on thanksgiving day (really – i was sitting at the table, furiously tacking down the red lace hem while my mom was reheating the honeybaked ham :)), but wasn’t able to get any pictures until this past weekend. my pictures are terrible but they are better than not having any pictures!

a couple teasers to remind you of what we’re dealing with:
lady grey pattern

bound buttonhole & sparkly button
this is the true color of the coat – my other pictures are a bit off.

more after the cut!
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patterns: spring 2011

13 Jan

i’ve lost my sewing mojo. i can’t bring myself to bother – partially because i prefer to sew in my underwear (makes fitting easier), and my sewing room is freeeeezing. and our gas bill was over $300 this month! double bummer!

anyway, i’m already dreaming of my spring wardrobe – nice, because i’ve barely made a dent in my winter wardrobe EL OH EFFING EL – so wasn’t it nice of vouge & simplicity & mccalls (but not butterick, shame on you!) to release their spring 2011 lines?

at least they don’t suck as bad at the winter patterns did. i mean, honestly now.

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