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boot fur cuffs & pom poms!

30 Dec

happy holidays (whichever you prefer, i’m not picky!) to everyone! i’ve been MIA for the past week or so, and about to disappear again for another week due to this:
my poor bb sewing machine + serger awaiting the sewing machine doctor!

nothing is wrong with them… they just need their yearly check-up (same as you’d do for your pet, or your car, or uhh yourself). turnaround time is about a week, so i took the opportunity to drop them off today since i will be spending my new year’s weekend in new orleans 🙂
but i miss them already!

in other happy fun-times news, i did get a new camera for christmas! so i can start taking pictures again, although this camera is much different than my previous one so it is taking some getting used to. my pictures are pretty sucky right now, hopefully i’ll figure it out sooner than later!

oh, and i got new sewing books!
kwik sew method for sewing lingerie

singer sewing for special occasions

my brother & sister-in-law bought me a couple sewing books for christmas – tailoring and boutique apparel. i couldn’t get a good picture of them, but here is the art of sewing flickr set. aren’t they gorgeous? there is a great cape pattern in the apparel book that i am dying to try!

i also made some little fur cuffs & pom poms for my boots over the weekend 🙂
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drooling over vintage party dresses

23 Dec

i really don’t know why i put myself through this, but i just discovered couture allure vintage and i have spent the better part of an hour dying over the gorgeous dresses for sale/sold.

too bad for me her stuff is 1. expensive (within reason, but outside my budget!); 2. mostly too big for me (wtf @ all these 38″ busts); and 3. just complicated enough to be unobtainable for my own hands to recreate.

whatever, they are still gorg!

vintage dress pr0n under the cut.
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greatest christmas present ever y/y?

17 Dec

i’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably my favorite christmas present i’ve ever received – and i’ve received a LOT of REALLY AWESOME gifts in my day. my friend ned sent it to me because he has amazing-present-buying-skills TY NED, I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU YOUR OWN TAG NOW JSYK

i have been lurking on one of these tiny/adorable toy sewing machines for years and now i have one of my own! the tiniest little tiny sewing machine, in the prettiest shade of blue and ughhhh i want to go home and sew a doll dress or something on it idek
would you guys think i was weird if i retired my pfaff and started sewing on this? it is THAT pretty.

yes, those are christmas presents in the background. whoops.

more pictures under the cut!
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shoulder pads? why not!

10 Dec

i know what you’re thinking: “ew! shoulder pads! the one element that should stay in the 80s forever!” and i guess, for the most part, you’re probably right. there’s nothing like a giant shoulder pad to make you feel like an out-of-place linebacker. in my defense, though:
– i bought a really neat dress on a recent thrift day with lauren winter and it was clear that someone had removed the shoulder pads and that they needed to be put back in asap – the shoulders were too big and doing this horribly wrinkly/puffy thing that ruined the otherwise sleek lines of the dress. considering how many shoulder pad dresses i buy on a regular basis, you’d think i’d have a discarded shoulder pad or 8 laying around somewhere but noooo
anyway, that’s not as fun as what brings us to my second reason…

i have this pattern, and i wanted to try it.


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mini-tutorial: invisible hems

8 Dec

let me preface by saying that i LOVE a good invisible hem. not that horrible weak shit provided by the “blindstitch” hem a sewing machine does (i had to put that in quotes because they aren’t even blind and they look horrible and tacky and ugh ugh ugh h8 machine-sewn hems ALL OF THEM), but a dainty hand-sewn invisible/blind hem ♥ so classic and clean, the mark of true craftsmanship.

don’t even get me started on machine-stitched VISIBLE hems ew ew ew

anyway, this process mystified me for a long time:
first it was “LOL WHY I AM GONNA DO THAT, THE MACHINE IS GOOD ENOUGH AND IT IS FASTER” (yeah, if you want your finished piece to look extra suzy homemaker. gross, i bet you used quilting cotton to make that, too).

i don’t think hand sewing is boring anymore, not even after putting hours of padstitching into my lady grey. i guess i see it as the difference between “homeade” and “handmade.”

i’m hemming a gorgeous black 50s cocktail dress (another spoil from closet case vintage ehehehe), so i took some pictures to maybe de-mystify the process for some of y’all.
and also to point out why, when someone asks me “oh, can you hem this, i know it’ll be quick bc you have a sewing machine!” i tend to snarl and spit and spout profanities.

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refashioning a vintage dress

6 Dec

this isn’t really much a sewing-related update… i mean, there was sewing involved, but i did not get any pictures of the innards, or a before shot for that matter.


anyway, i got this great 40s navy wool(blend?) dress from my friend carmen of closet case vintage (and, uhm, if you are in the market for vintage goodies, def check her store out bc this girl has got some seriously good taste). the dress is lovely on it’s own, but it needed a little bit of work before i was ready to re-debut it.

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2010 christmas wishlist

2 Dec

no sewing update today! instead, let’s talk christmas and christmas prezzies!

somehow, the 2010 edition got really huge (that’s what she said lol jk). but whatever, i will likely end up buying most of this stuff for myself as an i-love-you-lauren christmas gift. or maybe you will find something that you want to buy for yourself! yay christmas!
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