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living up to my name: tailoring the lady grey

26 Oct

been slowing plodding along on my lady grey! i have a tendency to rush through sewing projects, just to get them “done,” and i never really enjoy the sewing process itself. i am trying to slow down and take my time; get everything done right and learn as much as i can!

but man, it is taking forever! and yes, i am SUPER far behind haha!
and padstitching? ugh, if i’m lucky, i’ll be done by christmas.

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lladybird: fall/winter 2010

20 Oct

i originally started this blog to post pictures of my clothing line, lladybird (hence why the blog is ‘lladybird’ and not something clever, witty or, at the very least, involving my name somehow). lately, though, my poor clothing line has become my bastard child… much like this blog, actually. HA!

ok ok, so anyway, i made a cute new little collection and had it photographed last month by a lovely photographer, shea! this shit was legit – we even had hair and makeup done!

photos are under the cut because uhh there are a lot of them.

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bound buttonholes – my first, second, and third attempt

6 Oct

i haven’t been updating much on the lady grey progress, mostly because i’ve been slogging through the boring stuff.

i cut out my pattern pieces…

serged all the edges…

and marked each one with a small note so i would know which piece was which (since i need all the help i can get!).

i am actually not finished with the cutting yet… i still have to cut the pieces for my interlining (lightweight flannel) and i have more interfacing and hair canvas that needs to be cut. cutting is the worst!

last night i worked on bound buttonholes for the first time.
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