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simplicity 3673

24 Nov

this is simplicity 3673. normally, i’m not a big fan of simplicity patterns (their sizing is always a little off – more on that later), but i like this vintage reissue from the 50s. i also had this fabric:
that i bought at a yard sale for $1. paired up with a vintage zipper from my stash (i always buy them for pennies at the thrift store, and i actually had one on hand that was the correct length AND color… pretty convenient!), this dress was super cheap/easy to make.

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18 Nov

omggg i want to go pattern shopping. like, for realsies, not fake-online-pattern-shopping. there are SO MANY good patterns this season.
since i’m finally done with the expo and i have a metric ton of dresses to unload, i think it’s time to get reunited with my sewing machine (i mainly use my serger when i’m sewing jersey) and make some LT clothes 😀

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recently completed: reconstructions

16 Nov

reconstructions are some of my favorite things to make! i love finding really awful stuff and turning it into something that will be loved and worn. the best part is showing people a “before” photo after they start gushing and watch their double-take 😀

people ask me where i get these clothes… i don’t really have a single answer, they come from all over the place. antique stores, consignment shops, thrift stores, bargin bins (i really love the goodwill outlet; they have some of the worst picked-over stuff), donations from friends… i’ve even found a few pieces in the dumpster (don’t worry, i washed ’em!).

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recently completed: original designs

16 Nov

time to kick this off – and what better way than with PICTURES? 😀

i have been working nearly nonstop for the past couple of weeks on all kinds of crazy looking ensembles… these are pretty straightforward, so i don’t think they need a lot of explanation. i love dresses like this, because you can pair them with some fun tights + colors flats (or boots!) and it looks awesome!

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13 Nov

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