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completed: simplicity 3061

27 Jun

ah, simplicity 3061, the would-be wadder. i swear, i almost threw this in the don’t-ask-don’t-tell UFO pile at least a couple of times due to fitting issues, but decided to stick it out (mostly because of the time i spent on the buttonholes :B). i’m still not 100% sold on the fit, but it’s definitely passable. and comfortable! and the buttonholes look great! yeah!

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bound buttonholes, revisited

21 Jun

time for a new sewing project!
simplicity 3061, in a soft/lightweight navy linen with a contrasting white linen collar.
i was going to make view 1 with the sleeves, but i followed the wrong pattern layout and now i don’t have enough linen for sleeves… oh well! sleeveless it is!

this post is actually kind of boring because i haven’t had a chance to make much real progress on the dress, save for cutting. fortunately, the muslin fit pretty well (with a few minor tweaks that can be adjusted while sewing up the actual garment) so that’s a win! man, i love me a good sewing pattern that fits straight out the envelope.

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completed: simplicity 5110 red high-waisted shorts

10 Jun

just finished another piece for my summer wardrobe – yeah!!

shorts pattern

i’ve been meaning to make these forever – it’s almost embarrassing how long i’ve put this off.
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completed: the white eyelet maxi dress

6 Jun

another weekend, another dress! ideally, i should have had this done much much sooner – it was pretty straightforward as far as construction & fitting goes. i feel like i never have enough time in the summer to work on my sewing, though, because i’m too busy running around, seeing friends & riding my bike & lounging on the front porch with a cup of coffee & my bff!

anyway, i finished this over the weekend, wore it over the weekend (ironically, to buy more fabric. haha!!), and even took some pictures so i could share with everyone :) this dress marks a couple firsts – my first maxi, my first underlining attempt, my first time working with soo much trim. it also marks the last time i am ever sewing so many tiered ruffles! haha! omg those ruffles were such a paaaain.

anyway, dress deets:
eyelet dress - patterns
i frankenpattered this one; the bodice & midriff is simplicity 9164 (without the contrast or trimming) and the skirt is mccall’s 5648.
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new(old) sewing patterns!

18 Apr

my birthday isn’t for another month (::ahem::) but my roommate/best friend/life partner, morgan, already gave me my gift because she is awesome :) – she went to an estate sale & bought me a big ol’ stack of vintage sewing patterns! yay sewing patterns!!

please come bask in their glory with me.
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completed: simplicity 2412

15 Apr

this is an old UFO (err… ~unfinished object~, to all you non-sewers) that i’ve been sitting on for about 2 months now. it was nearly finished – all that was left was to stitch down the neckline binding & hem the skirt. instead, i let it hang in the corner of shame in my sewing room because i was irritated with how it looked on me. i am still kind of angsty about the way it looks, but whatever, it’s done & i can move on to greener pastures.

pattern in question:
simplicity 2412

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shoulder pads? why not!

10 Dec

i know what you’re thinking: “ew! shoulder pads! the one element that should stay in the 80s forever!” and i guess, for the most part, you’re probably right. there’s nothing like a giant shoulder pad to make you feel like an out-of-place linebacker. in my defense, though:
- i bought a really neat dress on a recent thrift day with lauren winter and it was clear that someone had removed the shoulder pads and that they needed to be put back in asap – the shoulders were too big and doing this horribly wrinkly/puffy thing that ruined the otherwise sleek lines of the dress. considering how many shoulder pad dresses i buy on a regular basis, you’d think i’d have a discarded shoulder pad or 8 laying around somewhere but noooo
anyway, that’s not as fun as what brings us to my second reason…

i have this pattern, and i wanted to try it.


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refashioning a vintage dress

6 Dec

this isn’t really much a sewing-related update… i mean, there was sewing involved, but i did not get any pictures of the innards, or a before shot for that matter.


anyway, i got this great 40s navy wool(blend?) dress from my friend carmen of closet case vintage (and, uhm, if you are in the market for vintage goodies, def check her store out bc this girl has got some seriously good taste). the dress is lovely on it’s own, but it needed a little bit of work before i was ready to re-debut it.

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lladybird: fall/winter 2010

20 Oct

i originally started this blog to post pictures of my clothing line, lladybird (hence why the blog is ‘lladybird’ and not something clever, witty or, at the very least, involving my name somehow). lately, though, my poor clothing line has become my bastard child… much like this blog, actually. HA!

ok ok, so anyway, i made a cute new little collection and had it photographed last month by a lovely photographer, shea! this shit was legit – we even had hair and makeup done!

photos are under the cut because uhh there are a lot of them.

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completed: vogue 7313

22 Sep

haha you guys… i actually finished this *almost* a year ago. why didn’t i post it? BECAUSE THIS PATTERN IS SERIOUSLY FLAWED, THAT’S WHY.


vogue 7313, circa 1988
i *love* how dramatic this pattern is. eventually, i would like to try the full skirt with the suspenders (too much? oh well). the pants i could live without, but clearly the previous owner was all about them. i bought this pattern at my favorite secret thrift store for 25ยข are you jealous

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